More dead then alive

This is about 13 year old samantha .. And her life expierence


3. Why am I here ?

BEEEP BEEP BEEP! went her alarm the next morning .. Samantha got out of bed vagley remembering anything that had happened the night before .. She got dressed and freshened up and headed downstairs .. She found her mom asleep on the couch .. Samantha knew she was drunk so she didn't even bother to wake her up and say hi .. Samantha poured herself a bowl of cearl like she did every morning and Woke her sister .. They sat together and watched television trying despratly not to wake their mom .. At * rachel left for the bus and samantha started walking by herself .. As much as she loved her friends she just wasen't in the mood today .. It took Samantha about a half an hour to get to school .. When she got there she walked straight to her locker not looking up once or saying hi to her friends . She put her bag away and gathered her books and went to homeroom ... in homeroom she sat in her desk and stared down at her shoes .. This was something samantha liked to do when there was nothing to di .. She also did this because she didn't want to awknoledge the people around her because she hated every single last one of them . .. Maybe if I were dead she though.. Just maybe .. All of these people would be happier... But this thought left her mind as quickly as it came when the morning announcements started .. Nobody paied any attention to them anyway ..  First bell rang and she rushed out of the room ..  she got half way down the hall .. when she hard some unfamilar voice yelling "Hey sam" she turned It was a group of eighth graders.. She turned around and kept walking without saying a word to them.. The walked up beind her and took her books and threw them across the hall then pushed her to the ground .. Samantha began to cry .. "Aww look she crying guys" said one of the boys.. Samantha stood up leaving her stuff on the gound and ran ..  She ran past a bunch of class rooms and out the front door of the school .. She ran down the street and turned the corner before she even stopped to breathe.. "KILL ME" she screamed as she threw a rock at the sidewalk .. She walked up to her front door and walked inside  She locked the door behind her and went upstairs to her room .. Once in her room she fell to her knees and began to sobb .. Why? she asked herself...  but she coulden't answer it .. She began Chanting "I"M GONNA KILL YOU.. I" GONNA KILL YOU ALL.. She did this as she threw stuff across the room not caring if she messed her room up or not .. After that she lay in bed and took A nice long nap .. Something she needed

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