More dead then alive

This is about 13 year old samantha .. And her life expierence


1. School

13 year old samantha sullivan lived in a nice part of town in a suburban neighborhood. Samantha hated everything about her life. Most of all samantha hated school. At schhol samantha is bullied to the point where she wants to die. BEEP BEEP BEEP  Went her alarm she groaned as she turned over to shut it off .. As she stood up the cold december nibbled at her toes. She threw on the firsst shirt she could find and a pair of blue jeans she found at the bottom of her closet. She brushed her hair and looked at herself breifly in the mirrior "ugg' She sighed "Another day" she said only loud enough for herself to hear .. She opened the door to her room And went downstairs.. Not to her suprise her Mother was nowhere to be found.. And her dad ? Well He'd been in jail for the past 9 years and samantha never really knew him anyway. Samantha sat down in her kitchen and poured herself a bowl of cearl and ate it silently .. her little sister rachel was upstais sleeping and didn't want to be disturbed this early in the morning .. After eating her bowl of cearl samantha put her owl in the sink so she could wash it later that day. She sat down on the black leather couch in her living room and turned on her television . The news was on . Samantha changed the channel .. She put on the weather .. for some reason Samantha always liked the weather she found it relaxing.. The weather forcast was just cold with a bit of wind .. but Samantha didn't mind she loved the cold weather.. By this time it was now 8:00 A.M so she went back upstairs to go wake up her sister Rachel who at the time was only 7 years of age .. She pushed open the heavy wood door that lead into Rache's room "Rachel" she said "wake Up it's time for schhol" Rachel moved slightly and opened her eyes "Where's Mom?" Asked rachel With A tone of concern In her voice. "I don't know Rachel now get up you're going to miss the bus" I said bossily "Okay fine Gimme A minuite" said rachel "okay" Samantha said as She left the room .. I  walked back down the stairs and grabbed my bag "RACHEL LETS GO YOUR BUS IS HERE!" Rachel ran down the stairs fumbling on her untied shoes ..  And out the door she went..  After  rachel left I Turned all the lights off And locked the door behind me making sure I had my key because I was almost positive that my mother woulden't be there when I got back ,. I walked down the long empty street And stoppend in front of my best friend Cieras House .. And I knocked on her Door and Screamed "LET"S GO!" .."COMMING!" She replied .. I Have known ciera for almost 8 years now and I love her to death ..  As She opened the door to her house she had a giant smile on her face as she stared At the screen of her phone.. "What"? I ask .. "Oh It's jist the text Richie Sent me" she said "Oh" I replied .. As we walked down te narrow street .. We were talking about school . As much as we both  hated it we knew we had to go ..."Hey do you wanna ditch?" ciera Asked me "Well as much as i want to I'd rather not get in trouble" I replied "fine Then Be that way" she said .. When we got to school we said goodbbye to eachother and headed off in our own direction.. I went to my locker to go put my bag In my locker and grab some of my books that I would need for class... But before i knew it this Kid named logan came up behind me And pushed me .. I fell backwards and the hallway cleard .. "Haha:"Logan snarled "What are you gonna do about it?" "Nothing" I said .. "Fight Me Aneroxic Baby" Logan Said .. "No Logan I'm not going to fight you and you know I'm not aneroxic" I replied .. "Well if Your not Aneroxic I don't Know what is you weigh about 5 pounds" The bell Rang .. And logan Walked Away .. "YOU"RE LUCKY!" he yelled from halfway across the hall .. I gathered my books as quickly as possible and sat down in homeroom. Soon after I sat down the announcements came on but nobody cared enough to listen.. the the bell for first period Rang .. I Had tech Ed .. So I Grabbed all my books And Headed downstairs to the Tech Ed room .. I tried to walk quickly through the hall and avoid as many problems as I could .  As  I made my way down the stairs An Eigth Grader Named Wayne Stopped Me. "Hey Samantha why don't you go slit your wrists That's all your good for ..I tried to hold back the tears  "Go Away" I managed to get out .. As I Pushed Passed him and into class .. I thought to myself What's The Point ? Everyone hates Me anyway Why Do  I Try ? It's All So Pointless... It's Like I'm more dead then alive  First period was A bore and I Paid attention to none of it because I coulden't Concentrate .. The bell for second period rang.. I ran out of the room and up the stairs And into my Math class Where I sat silently And waited for my teacher to begin her lesson .. While I Was waiting I stared down At my shoes..  The ugly pair Of converse  Sneakers I've had for almost 2 years which had writing and doodles all oer them .. Sometimes I find it interesting to stare at my shoes .. but Thats a different story As he teacher began I just gazed around the room An  I had completly No idea what was going on And this continued for the rest Of class .. The third period bell rang.. I jsut stayed put because I have studyhall With the same teacher ..  All I did in study was sit there wit my head down .. because there was nothing else to do .. I was already failing 3 out of 4 of my classes anyway. Everyone hated me so there was no point in trying ... I know my choices now would affect me later on in life but to be honest  I don't care by then I'm proabably going to be dead anyway .. It's not like any one would care if I was .. After study The 4th period bell rand ! That meant ti was time for social studies ,, I walked throught the halls so fast not looking up once .. When I got to class I just Sat there In my desk next to one of my friends in  the back right corner of the room by the window .. My social Studies teacher Mr Padilla Started Rambling on and on about the electiom Considering election day was yesterday but When is he going to realize the 7th graders don't care about politics .. Because it was obvious that nobody cared ,,. Half of us were either talking or sleeping anyway.. The 5th period bell rang I walked out of the room slowly and waited for ciera to come out of class and we walked down to lunch together .. lunch went by way to fast .. After lunch We went back upstairs Social studies to do some reading thingy . And th the Sixth period bell rang .. Time for science .. but I can swear My science teacher hates me he yells at me for everything ..  After science I Have english for periods 7 and 8 in that class I hust pretend to be hyper so Nobody notices I feel Like Crying.. Well I shoulden't  Say pretend What I realy  do is I let my Hyper Activity Get the Best Of Me ..

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