More dead then alive

This is about 13 year old samantha .. And her life expierence


2. Home life :/

When Samantha got home that afternoon she went straight to her room . All she did was sit there in silence .. She was thinking about how she wished she could run away and end it all ... What's the point? She thought .. Nobody here likes me .. Why am i still here.. ? after about 40 minuites her Little sister Rachel came home .. So Samant went downstairs to greet her sister .. considering her mom wasne't home to do it .."How was your day at school?" Asked Samantha In the most cheerful voice possible trying to sound as if she cared "Good!" replied rachel "Look what I made today" she said holding up a drawing .. Oh It's great said Samantha.. A few minutes went by and then Samantha heard A knock at the door "Comming!" she yelled as she walked quickly across the room.  She opened the door and Found her bestfriend Ciera standing there.. Hey can I come in she said .. Of course said samantha with A smile They sat in the living room talking and trying to study for an upcomming quiz.. Around 6 that evening Ciera left Samanthas house and went home.. . After ciera left samantha made Some soup and put her little sister to bed .. After that she watched televison for quite a while and then went to bed herself  ....By this time it was around 10 .. before going to bed she sat on the edge of her matress and put her head in her hands and began to cry .. "WHY?!" She screamed through her tears "WHY DO YOU ALL HAVE TO HATE ME  I CAN BE NICE!?" She picked up a small mirror that lay on her desk and threw it against the wall .. The mirrior shattered into a thousand tiny peices and scattered throughout her room "I DON"T CARE ANYMORE" she shouted! ... "JUST KILL ME ALREADY I"M DONE" She screamed one last time .. for the next 15 minuites or so she just sat there and put her head in her hands and sobbed Why is everyone so mean she asked herself silently .. Nobody understands me ! After this Samantha calmed herself down and went to bed ..

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