More dead then alive

This is about 13 year old samantha .. And her life expierence


4. Deep dark scary thoughts

When she woke up almost 4 hours later .. She wasen't as upset as she was before .. she was almost calm ..She felt relaxed It was a great feeling to feel safe .. something she haden't felt in years .. She thought about killing herself .. She thought so hard .. She was scared of herself and what she was capable of.. her thoughts scared her .. being depressed came along with her thoughts .. She always thought about harming or killing erself or hurting other people .. Other people hurt her .. But she hurt herself so she woulden't hurt other people she wanted to be nice .. And somebody everyone like but obviously that wasen't happening .  She thought she would be better off dead .. there would be no more hate and no more suffering for her.. She'd be in a happy place ...   by this time it was now 4  and her sister came trudging through the frot door dropping her bag at her feet "SAMMY WHERE ARE YOUUU" she called .. Samantha came downstairs and greeted her sister

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