Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned is a book about a very special girl named LuLu, her family owns a famous music store and LuLu can play every instrument. What happens when her parents leave for a year to go back to her home town, ''she's eighteen, she's trust worthy'', her parents say and leave the music shop with her. One day, the shop is open but no one is coming yet so she disides to play guitar, but turns out someone was watching, or should i say ''they'' were watching.


1. Talent

The sun shined bright in the sky. Brighter than any other day and it made me fill warm inside. My parents are gone, left me here by myself to run the music store for another year. They do this all the time, leave me here to run the family store and go back to our home town to be lazzy. Wish i could be lazy for a day but i'd miss my instruments to much. I love my instruments, i can play any instrument and that is my pashion. Music, it's filled my vains ever since i was three and it will always stick with me.

I flipped the sign from closed to open and rushed back upstairs to my guitar, i missed playing it so i got it out and decided to play. ''No one will hear me'', i say to myself, trying to calm myself down. I picked it up and started to strum it slowly, making a sweet tune. I looked out the window to see not a cloud in the sky, it made me so happy that i was finally free but it was a little to quiet. I got lost in my thoughts and was snapped back when my favorite song fluttered into my brain. I slowly started to play it, smiling to myself i started to play loader and loader, untill i was playing and singing so load. ''To bad no one will ever hear me'', i say in my head and try not to cry while singing, little did i know who was watching and how famous they were.

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