As Long As You Love Me

Only Seventeen.That was the age I was when I found him.I was depressed when my "True Love" broke my heart for a 5'4 Dirty Blonde who couldn't tell the difference between love and sex. I thought I would never find anyone who would love me like he did, until I met Niall. Thats when I started to feel like a real person again.He made me feel unique and like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. Besides not only was he cute, he was a hell of a good singer, not to mention in the Greatest boy band of my generation!Only problem?I was also in love with his best friend.


3. I'm have no Morals

My first thought when I woke up was what the hell did I just do. I looked up and saw that Harry was still fast asleep. I am Morally Low, no it seems I have NO MORALS. I met this guy only last night and I already slept with him. I was worse than my mom. At least she got to know the guy more before she "did it" with him. I felt sick, all I wanted to do was go home and curl up in my bed, drink some tea, and forget this day ever happened. I quickly slipped on my clothes, and was opening the door, when he grabbed my hand. I jumped and looked behind me. He looked groggy, and not at all ashamed!HOW DARE HE! This wasn't ALL my fault, he took advantage of me when I was drunk!
"Let Go Harry." I said angrily through my teeth. He looked confused, then gave me a knowing smile.
"Whats the matter love?Your first time?"I felt my cheeks burning and slapped his hand. I speed walked as far as I could get, but he was faster. He reached for my arm again, but I pulled it away.
"Mackenzie, love, I'm sorry. I was drunk and I regret everything."He looked up at me through his eyelashes and quietly said "almost everything..."
"Yeah?Well I regret every single second of it. My mom must be worried sick." That was a lie, but a little white lie never hurt anyone.
"What if I make it up to you? I'll give you 4 backstage passes and tickets to my next concert, plus I'll let you borrow my credit card for the day." Hmm I did need some new shoes. Wait what am I saying???? A pair of shoes isn't worth this humiliation. But what else was I to do? I don't have a time machine so I can't change anything, might as well make the best of this. He stared expectantly at me. Some part of me didn't regret what I did.
"This is base, sick and a lot of other things, but I accept your offer,but you need to drive me home first."
"Deal." He said and gave me a cheeky smile. My heart fluttered. How could I still like him. After what he did to me.
"Hey, tell you what, I'll take you to meet the boys later on. Your going to L-O-V-E them." I grunted and stared out the window. I looked at the clock and saw that It was only 3 a.m. Great, I was pretty sure today was Monday which meant I had school in about 5 hours. Oh well, ditching never hurt anyone one. Wow, lying ditching, having love with a stranger in the back of his car. Seems I really don't have any morals.
"Ohhh Boyss! Look what I brought for supper." I rolled me eyes and looked around. This place was nice, with expensive furniture, and clothes littering the floor. I heard heavy footsteps racing here as Niall ran past the others looking at Harry's hands.
"Wheres the food?" he said in a rush, just then Louis pushed past him.
"Oh great another one of Harry's play things, I thought it was real food." Wow, way to make me feel welcome. Niall looked disappointed, but then smiled a genuine smile. His face was adorable, with beautiful blue eyes, shaggy blonde hair and a smile that melted my heart.
"Wheres Liam and Zayn?" Harry asked.
"I have no clue, Liam said something about Danielle and I think. Zayn probably went to go visit his folks." Answered Louis matter-o-factly.
Harry shrugged then turned to me. He smiled proudly and extended his arms towards me, as if he was showing what he had won.
"This is Mackenzie, met her last night." He winked at me and I felt myself blush. Louis smiled a goofy smile and made kissy faces. Niall just stared questionably at me, and I couldn't help but stare at him. He caught me looking at him and gave me a small smile. I could tell instantly he was nothing like Harry. I bet he wouldn't have taken advantage of me. I felt bad for thinking badly of Harry, after all he wasn't that bad besides last night, and alright I'll admit it, it was partly my fault by leading him on, still he wasn't such a monster today. In fact other than him being of course utterly gorgeous, he seemed to have changed a bit. Who knows, maybe this Harry was just as charming, but either way I still wouldn't take my eyes off of the boy with the baby blue eyes.


I hoped you guys enjoyed this chapter. To be honest I didn't really Love Love it. Don't worry the next chapter is better, so just bear with me on those days where I'm not into it. Also won't be able to right on the weekends, sorry about that :( maybe I will right another chapter tonight :3
Thanks .:LoveMeSeriously:.

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