As Long As You Love Me

Only Seventeen.That was the age I was when I found him.I was depressed when my "True Love" broke my heart for a 5'4 Dirty Blonde who couldn't tell the difference between love and sex. I thought I would never find anyone who would love me like he did, until I met Niall. Thats when I started to feel like a real person again.He made me feel unique and like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. Besides not only was he cute, he was a hell of a good singer, not to mention in the Greatest boy band of my generation!Only problem?I was also in love with his best friend.


1. Worst Party Ever...

"What?" I yelled over the screaming people around me, most of them drunk and dancing.
"I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU" said Marcus over the roar of the music.This was the fourth time I heard him say that, but I just couldn't believe that.Then I realized that another Dirty Blonde 5'4 girl was standing near him, he automatically put his arm around her. I cringed at the sight, thinking of how when that used to be me. I'm sorry he mouthed. Yeah I can totally tell your sorry from the way your staring at her breasts. I thought he had truly loved me. This was how it always happened, I was always dumped for another more sexier person. I liked to think I wasn't bad looking but apparently I wasn't great looking either, because someone was always more beautiful. I didn't care,I thought to myself, who needs boys, besides there's always more. At least that's what my mom seems to believe. My mom had me when she was only 16 so she had NO experience with kids, and since her parents kicked her out and my dad left too, she was forced to take care of me herself. She was reckless and most of the her life was spent with drinking and having sex with men at the bar. It was revolting. I sat in a chair and sighed. I grabbed some beer and started chugging it down. Pretty soon I had gulped down at least 4 beers and I was really drunk. Somewhere in my mind I remembered that I needed to go home before I would do anything I regretted. I tried standing up but that only made me dizzy. I can't drive like this, I thought, I'll get a ticket.Unwillingly I started to walk outside. I pulled out my iPod hoping to relax my self with some songs. I was crossing the street trying to put one foot in front of the other when I saw the flash of lights and the honk of a car. I looked up to see an Audi swerve to the side, just as I tripped and fell to the ground.Oh my god, I could have been killed. The driver stepped out of the car and rushed over to where I had fallen. I stared at my scraped hand and at my scratched iPod.
"I'm soooo sorry, here let me help you up."He said.That voice, it sounded familiar, like something I had heard before. I looked up to see a gorgeous guy with brown curly locks and green blue eyes that could melt my heart, that is if I had any left after tonight.Harry Styles.
"Uhhhh I--I'm all right..." I mumbled
"Are you sure" he asked "No offense but you seem kind of drunk."He chuckled
"No its really alright I was just walking home."
"Need a ride?" Oh my god, Harry Styles, THE Harry Styles just asked me if I needed a lift home. At any other time I would have been ecstatic, but today all I wanted to do was lie in my bed.
"I don't know, my mummy always told me not to get into strange cars" I gave him a small smile and continued walking.
"Wait" He said "What kind of gentlemen would I be if I let such a beautiful lady, such as yourself, walk home." He winked and opened the car door. As I stepped into the car I realized my breath smelled of alcohol and I got a mint out of my pocket. Harry noticed and said
"Don't worry, your not the only one who has been drinking."


Hey Guys :) this is my first Movella...EVER and I'm so excited(I had accidentley not saved my first draft so I had to retype it #n00b). I was inspired to write and make an account because of a Movella called "Meet Me In Battersea Park" by Morgan Rory!!! She is also currently writing the sequel "Meet Me In America"Anyways hope you like this, and I guess if you didn't you wouldn't be reading this!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you left a comment too :) Maybe some helpful critic to help me improve!
Thanks .:LoveMeSeriously:. <3

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