I've always been the type of girl who would be friends not only with girls but mostly with guys. I'm the type of girl who never fell in love. I've had boyfriends but I'd never been in love before. A couple of my guy friend asked me out. But in not interested.


6. Together?

I stopped the kiss. I looked up into his deep green eyes. I smiled and kissed him again. But this time on the cheek. I whispered "just friends" the sat back in my seat. He smiled. I got out of the car. He got out too. He held my hand the way there.AFTER THE MOVIE. He held my hand as we walked back to the car. It was beautiful outside. I opened the car door. "so I'm having a concert tomorrow and umm I want you to come" he said. He bit his lip. "I would love to" I said as I got into the car. He started the car. He started driving."so why do you want me to come" I asked. "two reasons: one, your my friend and two, one song is meant for you" he said. "okay" I said confused. I squished my stomach. "I'm so fat" I giggled. "no your perfect" he said. I smiled. I held back from leaning in. Then the car stopped. I got out and started to walk to my front door. "hey" he said. "huh" I said as I turned around. "tonight was great" he said. "ya it was" I said. I went back and went inside. THE NEXT DAY. I woke up. I got a text from Joey. It said Happy Birthday. I didn't reply. I just ignored it. Then I got a call from Harry. "hey" he said. "hey" I said. " I will pick you up at 1:00pm and happy birthday" he said. "uh how do you know"! I said groaning and laughing at the same time. " I got you a present see you at 1:00 love" he said. "okay bye" I said. "bye love" he said. Then he hung up. Was I going crazy or was I actually falling for him! Wow I must be crazy! It was ten so I better start getting ready!
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