I've always been the type of girl who would be friends not only with girls but mostly with guys. I'm the type of girl who never fell in love. I've had boyfriends but I'd never been in love before. A couple of my guy friend asked me out. But in not interested.


2. Noelle's big "secret"

I ran up and down the halls looking for Joey. "over here" he screamed to me laughing. "come on we are going to be late for first period" I said. He smiled a little. I could see his light blue braces. I smiled back. I grabbed his hand. I could here Mr. Gomez starting to talk. I started to run now. We made it just in time. We caught our breath. I sat next to my partner. His name was Luke. He was cutest guy in the whole school. "almost late huh"? He asked me smiling. "almost" I said smiling as I took out my notebook. "okay kinda" he said laughing a little. I smiled. After class I ran through the halls to find my next class. After school I usually just walk home with Joey. He is my best friend. We have been best friend since first grade. He has always been there for me. I walked out of my last class. Joey was waiting for me in front of the school. "hey" I said to him. "hey" he said. Then I heard Noelle's voice behind me. She was talking about her dad again. How he is a successful lawyer and blah blah blah. Usually I just toned her out. She is the most popular girl in school. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. "hey joey" she said. I know she has a crush on Joey. I can so tell! She is sending him so many signals but he never sees them. "hey" he said. "so my dad is going to have this famous band come to this school to perform for the movie night" she said. Now I don't want to go to movie night! Noelle would be there! When she said famous she said it loud and looking at me. Movie night is when at eight a'clock at night. We all come and everyone hangs out. It's outside. They have this giant screen where you can watch a movie. It really cool and fun! But now Noelle was coming! "it's my little secret" she said. She giggled then said "bye Joey"! I rolled my eyes. What did she mean by secret?
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