I've always been the type of girl who would be friends not only with girls but mostly with guys. I'm the type of girl who never fell in love. I've had boyfriends but I'd never been in love before. A couple of my guy friend asked me out. But in not interested.


3. Movie Night

Tonight was movie night. I was so happy. It was six a'clock at night. I started to get ready. I wore my black dress. It was lacy at the back. It was really preatty. Not long. I wore my bright red lipstick. My dress had a red ribbon around it. I put on my red highheals. I curled my hair. I put my bangs up. I walked outside. I went to Movie night. I looked around for Joey. He was talking to Noelle. I looked up on the stage. Five guys were up there. On the drums it said 1D. they all had a microphone in their hands. They sang a song. "get out get out get out of my head and fall into my arms instead" they started to sing. After the song they sang another on. "you don't know oh oh you don't know you beautiful" they sang. After that song on of them said "okay we are going to take a little break". He had a British accent so I knew he was British. They all came out to the people. Joey finally saw me. He waved to me and walked up to me. He hugged me. He was still taller than me. Then Noelle came. "do do you like the band"? She asked me. "ya" I said. It was weird because she was being nice. I looked at her confused. She smiled at me. "oh haven't you heard me and Joey are together" she told me. It was weird because Joey had a crush on me for like forever! And now he was with my worst enemy. I walked over to the snck bar. One of the band guys was there. I started to walk for the restroom but slipped. Everyone laughed at me. "you okay"? The guy from the band said. He helped me up. "ya just uh hard day" I said. "I'm Bay by the way" I said. "I'm Harry" he said.
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