I've always been the type of girl who would be friends not only with girls but mostly with guys. I'm the type of girl who never fell in love. I've had boyfriends but I'd never been in love before. A couple of my guy friend asked me out. But in not interested.


4. Meeting Harry

I walked back to Joey. I wipped the dusted off my dress. I honestly didn't care what other people thought. "hey Bay" I heard a voice say. I turned around. It was my other friend Andrew. "hey" I said. Andrew had moved schools and now he was here. I hugged him tight. "What are you doing here"? I asked happily. "well I couldn't miss your birthday"! He said. "it's not till Saturday" I said. "what? I can't come two days early"? He asked me. I hugged him again. I heard Harry up on the stage. I looked at him. I guess he saw me because he winked at me smiling. I smiled. I looked and saw Joey kissing Noelle. I don't know why but I was mad about it. I wasn't jealous or anything it's just he was too good for her! I just tried to ignore it. "let's get a volunteer to sing up here with us" Harry said. "we are going to sing Live while we're young"! He said. Everyone cheered in excitement. "what about Bay" Harry said. "no" I said. "ya come on up here" he said. He came down from the stage and held my hand. He led my up there and handed me a microphone. The music starts to play. I had heard this song before. It was like the number one hit. "hey girl I'm waiting on ya ya waiting on ya comon and let me sneak you out and have a celebration a celebration the musics up the windows down" one of the guys sang. "ya we be doin what we do just pretending that we cool and we know it too" another guy sang. Harry did a little dance. I giggled. "ya we be doing what we do cuz tonight lets go" I sand loud. Then we all sang the song together. It was so fun. After the song was finally done I got down. Harry came down with me. "you have a really nice voice" he said. "no no I don't" I said. "yes you are are you sure your not a famous singer"? He said. I giggled. "no I'm an artist" I said. "cool" he said. I laughed because I heard a bit of sarcasm. Then a guys with blonde hair came up to Harry. "hello" he said to me. "hey" I said. "I'm Bay" I said. "I'm Niall" he said. "Harry we have to get back on stage" he told Harry. "bye see you later" he said as he waved to me. I waved back. He got back on the stage. They sang again. I giggled because he pointed to me. "hey" Andrew said. "oh hey" I said as I turned. "so we have been friends for a long time and would you like to uh" he tried to say. "wait I know what your going to say" I said. "and I'm so sorry but Im just not ready for a relationship" I said. Harry screamed out my name. I turned and ran up to him. "what" I asked him. "come up here with me" he said. I got up there. He twirled me around like a ballerina. I giggled. I got down. "I'm dizzy" I giggled. He laughed. I sat down on a chair. The movie was about to start. Harry sat on a chair right next to me. Niall and three other guys sat next to them. One of them asks me who I was. "I'm Bay" I said. "Harry's girlfriend"? He asked. Harry Nugged him. "I'm Liam by the way" he said. "nice to meet you" I said. "well it really seems like he likes you" another boy said. "I'm zayn" he said. "hi I'm bay" I said. I giggled. "guys" Harry said. "get out of here"! He said. "it's okay" I said. "I'm Louis" the last one said. "bay" I said. "snack bar"? Niall asked Harry. "yes please" he said embarrassed. His cheeks got pink. They all left. I shivered. "are you cold" he asked me. "no" I said lying. He took of his jacket. He wrapped it around me. "warm"? He asked. I nodded. I was getting sorta tired. I layed me head on his shoulder. Then I saw Andrew look at us mad. He came up to me and started to yell. "I thought you said you wernt ready for a relationship huh"? He screamed at me. "but we arnt together and we are just friends" I said. I gave Harry back his jacket. He looked shocked. "I'm so sorry" I said. I walked to the street. I was walking home. Harry caught up to me. "do we are...just friends"? He asked me. "ya...well I guess...I don't know.. Are we"? I asked. "well I don't want to be" he said. He leaned in. I stopped it. "sorry.. It's not you.. It's just I don't date my friends and I'm not ready for a relationship" I said. "okay can we go grab a bite tomorrow"? He asked me. I raised my eyebrow. "just as friends" he said. ".....fine" I said. He smiled. I walked home. 
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