I've always been the type of girl who would be friends not only with girls but mostly with guys. I'm the type of girl who never fell in love. I've had boyfriends but I'd never been in love before. A couple of my guy friend asked me out. But in not interested.


5. Date???

I walked out of the school. Finally school was over. Yay it was Friday now! I walked past Joey. I didn't look at him. "hey Bay" he said. I didn't answer. "what's wrong" he asked me. "when I fell all you did was laugh" I said. I rolled my eyes and started to walk home. I ran into my house. Then I heard a knock at my door. I opened it. It was Harry! "how did u uh...find my house"? I asked. "that guy Andrew that yelled at you" he said laughing. He had a rose in his hand. "here" he said as he handed it to me. "thanks" I said. "you hungry"? He asked. "starving" I said. I shut my door and walked outside. He had his car parked right in front of my house. He opened the door for me. "just friends" I asked. "yup just friends" he said. We drove around a little. "so FRIEND where would you like to eat"? He asked me. "ummm well..FRIEND anywhere" I said. I giggled. "fancy or not fancy"? He asked. "not fancy" I said. He took me to this little resteraunt. I sat there looking at the menu. "so what's up wit this relationship thing" he asked me. "what about it"? I asked. "well why are you ready for a relationship? Bad breakup"? He asked. "no it's just I don't need a boyfriend" I said. "but you do need me" he said. I giggled. "yes yes I do" I said. I put down the menu. He smiled. He had dimples. "awww you have dimples" I said as I poked one. He smiled again. "I'm not really hungry" I said. "let's get out of here then" he said. He grabbed my hand. We walked outside. "so what do you want to do" he asked me. "well we could... Go watch a movie" I said. I grabbed his hand and ran off into his car. He started to drive. "I have a question" he said. "okay ask" I said. "well why won't you give me a chance? Did I do something? Am I not your type?" he asked. "no you are perfect" I said. "is that the problem"? He asked. "ya.. Your too perfect.. Why on earth would you want to be with a girl like me?! I'm so...not perfect" I said. He smiled at me and said "you are persect in every way". I smiled. I looked down. He lifted my chin. "I mean that. He had stopped the car. He leaned in and kissed me.
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