Surviving Middle School

Three best friends surving their first year in middle school and kendyll and dani have to learn to make the best of nothing and just to say out of trouble while meeting a old friend along the way. They have to learn everything there is like boys, crushes, breakups, and school dances.


2. scince class

While walking into scince class kendyll and dani are now geting the hang of things because its been at least a month now here at middle school and kendyll and dani sit next to each other. Kendyll is now trying to finish her work but she hates any thing related to school and she is so easily entertained (kinda like my kittens) she gets off topic and starts talking to dani. kendyll gets this great idea well dani does its to start dancing crazily so they do. dani then annoyed kendyll so what did kendyll do she bit dani. then they started laughing (well they started laughing after dani hit kendyll for biting her). *if you know dani she likes to boop people on the head which is really just lightly hiting someone while saying "boop" in a cute but weird voice* So kendyll and dani got in a "booping" war It was funny at first but then stuff started getting extream. finally class was over after all of the booping was over.  

     (see pictures if you want to laugh like crazy!!!)

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