Surviving Middle School

Three best friends surving their first year in middle school and kendyll and dani have to learn to make the best of nothing and just to say out of trouble while meeting a old friend along the way. They have to learn everything there is like boys, crushes, breakups, and school dances.


1. Boys <3

 While walking into math class on the first day of middle scool not knowing what dani and Kendyll will expect the best thing happens. Kendyll is sitting next to one of her best friends which is also her crush Zach on the other  side dani. Dani always get annoyed on how kendyll and zach are alway talking and never paying attention to her. Kendyll feels bad but also really likes zach so dani '' says'' shes ok with it because she knows kendyll would do the same for her. Affter lunch kendyll gets invited to sit with zach she really wants to sit with dani to but she says shes ok with it so kendyll says ok but only today but it became a every day thing. Dani reminds kendyll that the school dance is comeing up soon and that remined kendyll to tell dani that her and zach were going to go together BUT only as friends. Soon after dani had got asked out by a guy named Nathen so dani told Kendyll that she didn't have to feel bad anymore. Kendyll is happy dani understands and only asks that kendyll could spend a little bit more time with her but thats no problem. Dani says that kendyll  ******* can: stab her with very sharp mechanical peciels, slap her, and constently kich her******* and that she would still love her (well... kendyll wishes.)

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