I would

When I heard this song on youtube I instantly had this idea! Haha xx Sammi


5. Chapter 5

         ***2 weeks later***

Sammi's POV

"We are gathered here today for the passing of Robin Nicole...he was called to heaven for all he has done...Samantha, would like to say a few words...Samantha?" the priest said as he walked down, and I walked up facing all my family and friends.

"Thank you to all who have came, I really appreciate it. My father has been through alot these past years...my mum's passing and everything else. I have to admit, he was an abuser" I said hearing gasps from everyone "but I still loved him, he tried everything in his power to stop but he just couldnt...it was like a drug. For example, getting addicted to cigaretts is hard...I should know cause honestly I smoke. I tried everything to stop, but I just couldnt.My dad was the main person that I depended on. Thanks again for showing up." I thanked them as I made my way next to Harry again.

"Great speech sweety." he complimented.

"Thank you. Are you guys ready?" I asked them.

"Ya. Lets go." Liam said as he helped me to my feet.

"Thank you," I said as I gave everyone a hug "Im going out for a smoke, see you in a few." I finished as I walked off.

"Im joining her." I heard Zayn say, as he followed me. I stopped at the abandoned gas station as I took out a cigarett and lighter, lighting the cigarett.

"I had no idea you smoked." Zayn said with a smirk as he took a puff of his. 

"Haha ya well I do, I have been hiding it for awhile. Not even my dad knew." I responded as I blew out the smoke, that I held.

"Wow..can I try something?" he asked as he placed his cigarett down.

"Uhm...sure?" I replied more like a question, as I placed my cigarett next to his after putting them out.

He came closer to me, placing his hands on my hips as he leaned forward...whats he going to do?! His lips slowly crashed onto mine..feeling like the only people in the world.

"Sammi?" I heard someone question with a cracked voice, I looked up and saw Harry as tears streamed down his face...what the hell did I get myself into?!  

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