I would

When I heard this song on youtube I instantly had this idea! Haha xx Sammi


3. Chapter 3

Shelby's POV

I waited until 2:45am to start my revenge. Check list:

[x] red lipstick

[x] black pants

[x] black shirt

[x] black beanie

[x] black heels

I am ready! Lets do this. I got my keys to my black cheverolet, then I ran out to my car, and took off. As I got to his house I found out that it was pitch black, except for the light in his bedroom. I slowly approached his room, and looked through the window to find that he was asleep, smirking at the thought...I slowly opened the window and invited myself in, walking my way over to him having my shoes make those 'clink' noises on the wooden floor suprisingly not waking him up. I sat on his bed pulled out my knife and covered his mouth. Everything was worth it at this moment, I mean taking control of my baby cousin?! Ya it was worth it. He quickly opened his eyes and tried to scream, but failed.

"You will pay for taking control of Sammi. Got that?!" I asked, causing him to scream louder. This is getting more complicated than what I was planning on. I just stabbed him twice, as the police showed up running into his room...shit I forgot his dad was a police man.


Sammi's POV

I have been staying with Liam and his family since the incident with Chase. This is all just to much stress, I have been having morning sickness too not to mention. Just then my phone went off.

"Hello?" I asked as I answered it.

"Hello Miss. Nicole, this is the police station calling reguarding Shelby your cousin." he said through the phone.

"What happened?" I asked in panic.

"Well she is charged for murder...she killed this one guy Chase." he responded.

"She wouldnt have murdered him..." I objected.

"Well she was caught stabbing him twice in the heart...would you like to come down and see her?" he asked. I thought for awhile.

"I will be down tomorrow thank you for informing me officer." I said and hung up on him. Yup I hung up on a police officer, not caring at all about the punishment.

"Harry?!" I yelled through the house, he came running out of his room in only his shorts. *fangirling*

"Ya?" he asked.

"Uhm...um...uh...uhmm...you look hot." my mind took over, causing me to cover my mouth immediantly.

"Its alright, I have been thinking the same thing ever since I laid eyes on you...how are you feeling?" Harry responded/ asked.

"Im feeling alright I guess. Did you hear about Shel?" I asked him.

"No, whats wrong?" he asked worried.

"She murdered Chase." I said as tears poured down my face.

"Awe sweety, she did it for your own good...she wouldnt have done that it wasnt anything bad." he replied as he embraced me into his arms, holding me close.

"Can I stay with you, until Ryan gets back from his business trip?" I asked.

"We will have to share a room, since Gemma and her fiance are in her room....are you alright with that?" he asked, as we pulled away smiling.

"I am alright as long as im with you." I replied as we stepped closer to each other, I saw him eying something on my arm.

"Sam, whats that on your arm?" he asked as he traced my scar with his finger. Oh shit...

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