They Don't Know About Us.

Carly is moving to London. She start to make new friends and adapting to this change in her live. She fall in love with this guy that have 4 friends forming a band. She was living her dream.


8. What!?

I was in the hospital. All the boys were there with me. I slowly opened my eyes and Harry was holding my hand. He said "Gosh are you okay?" I said "Yes, I'll be fine" The nurse said "Guys I need to talk to Carly, please go" "What? What happen?" The guys go an the nurse said "Babe you are pregnant, the roller coaster was to much pressure, did you know that you was pregnant?" I start crying "What!?" "I can't be pregnant!, I haven't sleep with anyone!" She said "You have now 2 month and we need to do blood test to see who is the dad" OH MY FUCKING GUSH I'M PREGNANT AND I HAVE ONLY 18 YEARS. The guys enter to my room and said "What happened? Why you crying?" I couldn't tell anything until I knew who is the dad. I said "Nothing, it's.. Uhmm that I'm scared of hospitals" they all hugged me and the doctor said that I can go home today.
We are finally in Liam's house. But where are my parents? Liam said "Carly your parents had and accident I'm sorry" WHAT??? "Where is Hector?" "He was there too" I ran to Liam's room ad start crying, now I'm a orphan, I don't have place to go, Harry enters to the room and said "Baby I'm sorry, if you want you can leave with me" he saw me crying and he start crying to. I said "But I have a problem" he said "What?" I said "I I I'm pregnant" he was in shock. E couldn't talk, he kept his look in my belly and said "Who is the father?" I said "I don't know, I find out today, I didn't sleep with anyone" and start crying he said "This baby is going to be as gorgeous like you" I hugged him and said "Please don't tell the boys, please" he said "K, but now I'll take care of you and this little angel, you will live with me" I was very scared, I don't know what to do. I'm freaking.
3 month later
I live now in Harry's house, with his mom and the nurse call me "Babe I know how is the dad, is Harry Styles, you know who is he?" I said "Yes, but I didn't sleep with him" the nurse said "So this is a miracle and destiny want that you and this young man take are of a little angel" and she hung up. I called Harry and said "Babe you are the dad" his smile was bigger than ever "I'll be dad, oh gosh, I'll be a dad!!" I smiled and said "Yeah babe" he hugged me and I said "I'm way to fat" he said "You are gorgeous" Harry call all the boys and all of them were so happy!

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