They Don't Know About Us.

Carly is moving to London. She start to make new friends and adapting to this change in her live. She fall in love with this guy that have 4 friends forming a band. She was living her dream.


5. Surprise!

The door sound "Ding Dong" Liam stand up and went to opened.
Harry and I stay in the coach talking and then, again he stay seeing me with this look, this look that melted me, that green beautiful eyes were killing me. I smiled at the grown and then I whispered singing "You don't know you are beautiful" I just couldn't breath, I mean I realize that I was with Harry Styles, I just couldn't believed that.
Then Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall came into the living and Harry introduce me. "Uhmm guys she is Carly, we met her in the airport" Zayn said "Hi babe, nice to meet you" and winked. Niall look at me and hugged me saying Hi!! Louis said "girl you are very cute" We giggled.
We are now sitting on the coach talking and shearing experiences, Niall ask me "What is your favorite dessert?" I answered "Well.. Uhmm I like lemon pie, and you?" He said "Well, I love chocolate cake, and the others love it too" I smiled and suddenly have a great idea, I ask Liam "Liam were is the kitchen?" He answered "At the end of the hall at your right" I said "Great! Thanks!" The boys asked me "Why?" I said "I'm gonna do a surprise for you"
I was crashing the eggs for the cake and start mixing. One of the boys came into the kitchen and put his  hands in my eyes. He ask "Who I'm?" I giggle and said "I don't know but you can't see! You are gonna see the surprise!!" I moved his hand from my eyes and turned around and saw Harry. He whispered  "You are the best" and walk away.
I finished the cake, put the chocolate on top and call the boys "Guys your surprise is ready, come here" They walked towards the kitchen and saw the chocolate cake, they all hugged me very hard and I said "Guys I can't breath!" They let me go and I laugh. Zayn said "It look delicious" and he grabbed a little piece. Niall screamed "I'M GONNA EAT ALL THE CAKE BY MYSELF IF YOU DON'T GRABBED A PIECE" We all laugh very hard and I gave a kiss on the cheek to Niall. 3 minutes later there were no cake!

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