They Don't Know About Us.

Carly is moving to London. She start to make new friends and adapting to this change in her live. She fall in love with this guy that have 4 friends forming a band. She was living her dream.


3. I'm finally here.

We arrived to my new house. It was very pretty. I walked in and go directly to my room. It was PERFECT, with this walking closet, a big bathroom, a king size bed, purple and green walls. Everything was just perfect, I'm liking these place.

I started unpacking my thinigs and grabbed my phone and called Marie

"Marie! baby I'm already missing you!"

"Carly! me too! love you, are you there?"

"Yes I'm already in my house!"

'Well enjoy babe, love you"

Marie hang up. I didn't tel her about what happened in the airport. I started to put all my makeup and stuff in the bathroom. then a walk to my bed and saw a missing call, I didn't know who was, so I waited to see if this nmber will call me back, and he do. I answered 

" Uhmm hi?, who is this?"

"Carly? hi! is Harry, uhmm I was thinking you know.. if you wanna come with me and the boys to eat some icecream tomorrow?"

I was freaking out, I mean I WAS GONNA EAT ICECREAM WITH ONE DIRECTION but I needed to chill out.

"Uhmm yeah of course, at what hour?"

At 3 o'clock I'm going to pick you up."

"Great, see you"

I hanged up and wnet downstairs to said my mom that tomorrow I'll go out. She said that was perfect. I went to my room and finish unpacking. It was like 10 o'clock and I was very sleepy soy I put my pj's and fall asleep thinking in Harry.

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