They Don't Know About Us.

Carly is moving to London. She start to make new friends and adapting to this change in her live. She fall in love with this guy that have 4 friends forming a band. She was living her dream.


6. I stay in Liam's house.

I grabbed the dishes and went to the kitchen to clean it. One of the boys follow me but I didn't turned around to see which boy was. I turned the water on and start cleaning the dishes. He grabbed my waist and turned me around. Was Harry. I smiled shyly to the grown and he whispered to me "You don't know you are beautiful" The same thing he told me a couple of hours ago. I saw him into his green beautiful eyes and kissed his cheek, he grab my hand and both went to the living.
"Wanna see a movie?" Louis said. He put a scary movie and Niall ask me "Do you get scared easily?" I answered "Uhmm yeah, always, I get scared about almost everything". They all said "Don't worry, we'll be here!" I smile and said Thanks".
We were sitting in this order, in the corner were Niall, Zayn, Liam and then me and Harry. Louis said that he was more comfortable in the floor. I really don't know why but it was kind of funny. The movie went on, and I was shivering, I was almost crying. I was scared. Realy scared. Harry hugged me and said "I'm here, don't worry" I put my head in his shoulder and fall asleep. He texted my mom telling her that I'll sleep there, she answered that was fine. Harry carried me to his bed, he change his clothe and told me that I need to put his pj. I was getting again asleep and hi kissed my forhead. I slowly open my eyes and he said "Sleep well beauty" I smiled and fall asleep. I woke up and went slowly downstairs and heard Liam, Niall and Harry talking about me. Liam said "You have a crush on her. I can see it" Harry answered "Maybe but don't lie to me, she is gorgeous" Niall said "Yeah men but be careful with her, she look like a loyal and gentile girl, don't messed the thing between you two" Harry said "I need to know her very well first, but til know I love her personality, I know that you guys are going to love her, she could be a good change or part of our lifes" I keep going down. With a shock face. I saw them and they hugged me the three of them at the same time. Niall make me breakfast, it was delicious. I hugged him and said "Thanks blondie" He said "Whenever you want cutie" I went upstairs, and went to the bathroom. I watch myself into the mirror and put my hear in a messy bun, like always and the same clothe that I had yesterday. I was waching my face and Zayn enters into the bathroom while I was singing Lights by Ellie Goulding. He saw me and I felt so embarrassed. He said 'You sing very well" I said "I don't think so, I prefer dancing" Harry heard that and said 'You told me and Liam that you was going to dance for us!" I was very embarrassed, I mean I can't avoid this public I was going to dance for, in my country was more comfortable. I just can't pretend that I didn't heard that. So Harry said "If you don't want to do it is fine, don't worry" I hugged him and said "Guys you need to show me the best of London" They laugh and said to me 'Great, in 10 minutes you will love Londo forever".

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