They Don't Know About Us.

Carly is moving to London. She start to make new friends and adapting to this change in her live. She fall in love with this guy that have 4 friends forming a band. She was living her dream.


2. Gosh did I really meet them?

I sat in my place on the plane, put my headphones and heard One Direction and fall asleep. My mom awakes me "Darling we are here" I slowly opened my eyes and thought "London I'm here" I hope to found friends.
I went to buy a coffee. My dad told me "Darling please take your little brother Hector to the bath. He needs to pee" he had 6 years old, he can't go alone. So I went with him. I've waited here for almost 20 minutes. Here's coming Hector with a boy. I can't see who was these guy. The start walking towards me and I saw my little brother with Liam Payne, yes Liam Payne from One Direction. I just stop breathing. They stop and Liam ask something to my brother "She is your sister?" Hector said "Yeah, she is my sister, my big sister" Liam said "She is beautiful" Hector said "Yeah kind of but she is a little insecure" They start walking again and Hector grabbed my hand. Liam said "Hi, uhmm I'm Liam, your little brother was having a little problem with his pants, and uhmm I helped him" I said "Hi, my name is Carly, haha thanks for helping him" Liam smiled and scream "Curly come here" Hector and I turned around and saw Harry Styles running toward us. I couldn't breath. I was dying. Like if this was a dream. Harry whispered to Liam "Jesus Christ" and smiled saying " Uhmm hi, I'm Harry, nice to meet you" I smiled and said " Hi, I'm Carly and is a pleasure to meet you" Harry said " Uhmm you are very pretty" OMG did Harry Styles just told me that I'm pretty!? I giggled and said "Thanks" In a shyly way. Liam said to me " You look very cute when you are blush" Hector said " Well we need to go, mommy and daddy are waiting for us" Liam hugged me and gave me a kissed in my cheek. We started to walk away and Harry screamed " Wait!" I turned around and Harry said " Uhmm can I have your number?" I said "Sure, here it is" he grabbed his phone and smiled saying "Thanks" he kissed my cheek and walk away.

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