Bella is Niall's 18 year old little sister and is flying to London with her bestfriend Jennacy for the first time since her brother became famous. This is also the first time they will both be meeting the boys. You never know what might happen with these crazy girls.. There motto, "What happens in England, stays in England!"


3. Niall to the rescue!


Jennacy's P.O.V

We got on the plane, put our stuff away, and just like I promised Bella earlier, she passed out. I had nothing else to do so I texted my mom goodbye and put my earphones in and turned on 'A Drop in the Ocean by: Ron Pope', stared out the window at the rising sun, and drifted off to sleep to the soothing sound of his voice.

- Hours Later-

  Bella's P.O.V

Our plane just landed and it was time to pack our things and go. "Jennacy!! Get up! Now you're being the lazy one!!" I shook her and she moaned and her eyes slowly opened. "Ok I'm ready!" she sat up to get her things from the compartment above us and hit her head.  "FUUUU!!!!" She yelled as many people starred. I just started laughing even harder.  "Shut up!" she glared at me with a serious face that broke into a grin then a tired laugh as well. We grabbed our bags and exited the plane to find ourselves in the middle of a huge airport.  "This is so CONFUSING!" Jennacy said looking down long halls. We continued walking and ended up far more lost than we were in the first place. I pulled out my phone as my last resort and called my brother. He picked up after 2 rings. "Hello?"  "Umm heyy.. This might sound really stupid but.. We're kinda lost.." He chuckled and then answered. "Where are you?" "Umm.. Near a sign that says 'Come explore London and all it's beautiful sights!!'" "Oh! I know where that booth is! I'll be there in ten!"  And with that he hung up.  

Niall's P.O.V

I was sitting on the couch with the rest of the lads watching a game of football when my phone buzzed in my back pocket. Bella called and said she was lost near the touring booth is that we pass by every time we have to get through the airport without being seen by fans or papz. I couldn't hold in how excited I was to see her and I let out a large "WOO HOO!!!" and everyone looked at me.  "Are you alright Niall?" Louis leaned over and asked as he was sitting between Zayn and Liam. "Yea it's just that my little sister and her best friend just got to London.. But I have to go pick them up because they got lost!" I sat up, grabbed my keys and rushed out the door yelling a goodbye behind me. I pulled up to the airport and right before I got out I noticed that I only had one shoe on. 'Stupid Niall' I thought to myself popping my trunk and searching for an extra shoe. "ughhh" I said without any luck. I decided I was going to tough it out and hope I didn't see anyone as I ran into the building. I was jogging down hallways which ,thank god, didn't have not one camera because it was the back way me and the lads always took. I busted through a door and saw my little sister and a beautiful girl next to her which must be her friend.  "BELLS!!!!!" I screamed running at her with open arms. She noticed And leaped into my arms in a huge hug.  

Jennacy's P.O.V

They embraced for a while and I just sat there awkwardly not knowing what to really do. I looked around and tried to find something else to look at.  Niall turned around to face me and looked me in the eyes.   "Hi.. I'm Niall. What's your name again?" he said. I bet I looked like a total idiot just sitting there frozen before I got myself back together.  "My names Jennacy!" I mumbled still shocked. He lightly grabbed my hand and set a small simple kiss on the top off my left hand.  "A pleasure to meet you beautiful." He slightly whispered as his breath hit my skin, sending a shiver down my spine. I looked up and over Niall's shoulder to see Bella giving me two thumbs up and smiling like a maniac. We both let go and he just smiled sweetly. "Umm.. Niall.. Why do you only have one shoe?!" Bella asked confused.    "Why do you have on two?!" Niall laughed back and began leading us around.    "Right through these doors!" Niall said confidently as he guided us down the never ending hallways. We eventually came to a door that lead outside right to his car. "This is my ride ladies!" He said with a wink. Bella grinned at me and got into the backseat, forcing me to sit in the front. Niall came around and opened my door with one hand, grabbing our bags in the other and throwing the into the trunk. As he was out of hearing range Bella popped her head into the front of the car. "You guys are SOOOO made for each other!"  "He is cute but .." "I here by grant you able to date my brother!" she said in a dorky serious way.    I couldn't deny that I thought he was a great guy, he was VERY cute, and his accent seemed to get to me more then Bell's did.. But I hardly know him! The sound of the trunk shutting knocked me out of my thoughts and the drivers door opened and he slide in.  "And here we go..." He clicked his seatbelt,  turned on the radio, and began to back out. 'A Team' by Ed Sheeran began playing as we all began to sing.  

Bella's P.O.V

"White lips  pale face, breathing in the snow flakes, burnt lungs sour taste." We all sung.   "Wow Bell's! Your voice is AMAZING!" Jennacy spun around with a shocked face. "She must get it from her brother!" Niall said with his eyes divided between the road and the rearview mirror looking at me and winking.   "Nahh.. Maybe I get it from Jennacy!" I said grinning.   Jennacy's face turned bright red and she just glared at me.    "Oh.. So you have a voice?" Niall looked at her pleased yet she never lost focus of me.  "Ummmm..." she just mumbled. "Yea! You should here it, it's beautiful!!!" I said leading things on.   "I'll have to hear it sometime!" He smiled as Jennacy slowly slid back into her seat and tried to calm down.


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