Bella is Niall's 18 year old little sister and is flying to London with her bestfriend Jennacy for the first time since her brother became famous. This is also the first time they will both be meeting the boys. You never know what might happen with these crazy girls.. There motto, "What happens in England, stays in England!"


1. Intro! (:

Hey guys! This is just a moment to tell you guys who we are beforehand! 

Bella is Niall's little 18 year old sister, she has blonde curly wavy hair, and chocolate brown eyes, and tanned skin. 

Jennacy is Bella's bestfriend since the 2nd grade and they have been unable to be separated since! She has long blonde straight hair, crystal blue eyes, and light freckles on her face.

They are both getting on a plane to London and are going to meet up with Niall.. and of coarse the other boys. This is the first time Jennacy will meet any of them, and the first time Bella will meet the boys and see her big brother Niall since he became famous! 

I hope you guys love this story and please tell us if there is any way we can make it better!

 ~Jennacy Noel~

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