Bella is Niall's 18 year old little sister and is flying to London with her bestfriend Jennacy for the first time since her brother became famous. This is also the first time they will both be meeting the boys. You never know what might happen with these crazy girls.. There motto, "What happens in England, stays in England!"


4. Heyyyy guys!!!! ~Jennacy

Sorry we haven't posted in FOREVER!!!!!! We have been working together on a One Direction % Seconds of Summer IG though so...... we kinda dont have many ideas so if you have some PLEASE COMMENT!!!!! Or you can 

1) Email me: jennacynoel@aol.com

2) Tweet me: @JennacyNoel

3) Comment on our Ig: @5SoSwith1D

4) Comment here!

Love you guys! Please give us ideas!

~Jennacy Noel~

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