Bella is Niall's 18 year old little sister and is flying to London with her bestfriend Jennacy for the first time since her brother became famous. This is also the first time they will both be meeting the boys. You never know what might happen with these crazy girls.. There motto, "What happens in England, stays in England!"


2. Chapter: Goodbye Cali!

Bella's P.O.V

I woke up to my bestfriend Jennacy waking and screaming in my face.
"Come on lazy!!! We're gunna miss the plane!!!" she yelled as I slowly sat up.
"I'm coming.." I placed my feet on the cold wooden floor after she walked out, and slowly walked to the end of my bed to pick 
up was I had already laid out to wear to the airport. I grabbed a pair of socks, red jeans, a grayish blackish jumper and black lace up boots. I finally  get changed, and walk into the bathroom, I put my hair into a high ponytail, and put a black ribbon in my hair. I walked into the kitchen and seeing no one. "Jen?" I walked in her room to find all of her things gone as well. "Jennacy? Where are you?!" I yelled, my voice getting more serious with my worry. I was rushing through the house we shared before I heard a large 'BEEEPP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP!!!!!' come from outside.
I walked outside to see Jennacy sitting in the drivers seat in the car. "Really?" I said laughing at how ahead of me she was, considering she's always late to everything. "Really!" She said and popped the trunk open, I laughed and threw my bags in and jumped into the passenger seat. I soon as I close the door she started to back out. 
"Dang woman! Someone is in a hurry!!" I said slightly punching her in the arm. "Well if miss lazy butt actually decided to wake up on time!! See look I got up 30 minutes before you and I look great AND was packed and ready!!" She teased. I did love her outfit! It was a pair of teal skinnies, a white layered lace shirt, black flats, and her hair curled in a low side ponytail resting on her shoulder. 
We were getting closer to the airport and 'Little Things' came on. "And I won't let these little things.. slip.. out.. of my mouth. but if it's true..  it's you.. it's you.. they add up to.. I'm in love with you.." Jennacy said pointing at me as she lipped the words. "AND ALL YOU'RE LITTLE THINGS!!!" we both belted out together. 
The song ended and she focused back onto the road. "I'm so EXCITED!!!" We said at the same time, turned to each other and busted out laughing. "Now drive!" I said calming down from the laughter. I pulled out my phone and went on twitter.
'@BellaHoran_546xxx: Goodbye Cali helloooo London England! Our motto: "What happens in England, STAYS in England! Ily bestfriend @JennacyNoel1994 See you soon big bro I miss you @niallofficial (; xx
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