Country Of Hearts

Hi guys its Ariahna and umm this is inspired by the book Alice in the Country of Hearts its a japanese book soo yeah anyway read it please and yes it has one direction in it plus some other people


1. Welcome to Wonderland

"Juliet dear come inside''my mother called but I was distracted by a little white rabbit. It was cute so I followed it to a little shed. ''Hello is anyone in he-''I was interrupted by a guy about a year older than me slinging me over his shoulder and walking away. ''PUT ME DOOOWN''I yelled before throwing me down a hole and jumping down. I was screaming as he passed me him an his rabbit ears mocking me. He caught me right before I hit the ground ''What's wrong with you''I asked and he shrugged. ''What did I do''he asked and I crossed my arms ''YOU THREW ME DOWN A HOLE!!!''I yelled and he laughed. ''Okay maybe I did but hey your lucky I cought you''He said and I nodded. ''Let me go now''I said and he laughed ''you must play the game now''he said and I shook my head ''Drink this you need it''he said and I took the cup and took a drink. ''Now you have to play''he said and I glared at him ''You stupid rabbit you tricked me''

'Well Juliet Rose Welcom to Wonderland''He said opening a door as I looked inside he pushed me out and quickly shut it behind him. ''Am I stuck here''I asked and he laughed. ''Yeah but hey you have me''he said and I walked away. ''Go away you little perv''I said as he followed me. I kept walking until I found a house, I kept looking behind me to make sure that perv of a bunny wasn't following me. ''Hello is anyone home''I asked knocking and a woman answered and she had no face.
''Where am I''I thought to myself. "Your in the country of hearts hun"she said and I nodded. She let me in "Duce we have a visitor"she called and sat me down. "Who is it"a voice called and I looked up at the staircase where a man was standing but he was maybe two years older then me. "I'm Juliet Rose"I curtsied and he bowed. "I am Duce Devereaux descendant of the hatter family"and I nodded. 
"Servant take her to her room so she may get dressed for tea"he said and the lady nodded and she took me away. I got to a glorious room that was pink colors and it had a balcony and everything. "Let get you ready mi lady"she said and I nodded. She smiled and pulled out a dress that was beautiful it was red and white with lace and a beautiful flowing skirt. "Thanks"I said and she put on my corset and tied it. "You look stunning as ever"she said as I walked around in the heels she gave me. "Let's take you to Duce"she said and I nodded even though I just wanted to run away I was tired and hungry so this would be fine. I walked out to the garden where the good looking Duce was waiting. "You look stunning"he said and I blushed wildly "you are so easy to flatter"he said and wished away the lady. He then he looked at me carefully like if he was trying to see how easily I could break. He got up and walked over to me and whispered in my ear. "You have the hots for guys who make you feel on edge don't you"I tensed instantly. "Haha see"he said out loud and then he just kissed me I pulled away fast "I-I-I you are very handsome it's just I am confused"I said and he looked in my eyes "good now you will learn with every LOUIS"he said and another guy popped out and he too had bunny ears. "You to have bunny ears"I said and he laughed "you must have met jack rabbit my distant cousin"he said kissing my hand. And as if someone asked for him he came in through the shrubs "LOUIS GET AWAY FROM HER"he shouted pointing a sword at Louis I ran infront of Louis "STOP"I yelled and he put it down "you remember me"he said arms wide open "YOU THREW ME DOWN A HOLE HOW COULD I FORGET YOU"I yelled and drew out Louis' sword. "Stay away you perverted rabbit"I said and backed up and took off running my shoes falling off. "WAIT"I heard Duce call. I kept running until I bumped into some one "hi I'm Harry"he said. This one had cat ears and three boys came out all knights. "Who are you guys"I said breathing hard. "We are the three musketeers" the blonde one answered and I nodded "Juliet"I said and they each kissed my red gloved hand. "So why are you running"Harry asked "that pervert jack rabbit"I said and out he came from the forest. "Wait Juliet"he said and then he saw the boys and fled. "Thank you"I said and smiled big at them a true smile. "Ahh you where at Duce's house or palace"Niall said and I nodded "well Juliet welcome to Wonderland enjoy"and with that they left me. 
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