From The Moment I Met You *Louis Tomlinson Love Story*

Juliet Evans has always dreamed of meeting One Direction. It was not until she entered the contest, Meet One Direction, that has made her dream come true. She meets One Direction, but suddenly becomes very close to Louis. They eventually become close friends, but what happens if their friendship becomes into something more. What will their fans say? What happens to Eleanor? Will their friendship be jeopardized?


1. Hello! From One of The Authors!!!!

Hello Babes!!!!!

I'm Lexi and I am the co-author of the story and I will be starting off the story!!!!! Yayy!!! Well I'm gonna tell you a little about myself!!! Well first of all I love One Direction so much!!! Im da official Mrs.Malik!!! So back of b******!! Don't worry Im joking girls and guys!!! I love you guys we gotta share dem!!! Anyways, Music is my life I can't live without it. Some of my other favorite artists are Olly Murs, B.o.B, Tinie Tempah, Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Chris Wallace, Chris Brown, Romeo Santos, Daddy Yankee, Tito El Babino, Prince Royce and many many more! Uhmm I love to write and read so if you want me to read your stories I definetly will and I will favorite and like dem so tell me your stories. If you want to co author with me on a story just ask or email me at ( So I have 2 movellas I have published. They are called "You are Mine and I am Yours" and "Isn't She Lovely (Harry Styles Love Story)" So please check dem out babes!!! Love yahhh Bye!!!


                                               Lexi Malik<3

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