From The Moment I Met You *Louis Tomlinson Love Story*

Juliet Evans has always dreamed of meeting One Direction. It was not until she entered the contest, Meet One Direction, that has made her dream come true. She meets One Direction, but suddenly becomes very close to Louis. They eventually become close friends, but what happens if their friendship becomes into something more. What will their fans say? What happens to Eleanor? Will their friendship be jeopardized?


2. Happy Morning

Juliet's  P.O.V

I heard the alarm ring. I quickly turned it off and jumped up off the bed. I'm excited! I'm going to be meeting One Directon today. I won the  "Meet One Direction" contest. So my friend Adrianna and her boyfriend Bryan are coming with me since I'm allowed to bring two friends. I headed over to the bathroom and took a shower. The hot water felt good on my body.  A few minutes later I got out and put on my robe. I brushed my light brown hair. I quickly blow dryed it letting my wavy hair flow over my shoulders. I put on little make up since I didn't want to look fake. I went back into my room and looked at my clothes in my closet. I am not really girly but I'm not super tomboyish. I guess you could say I'm "Tomgirly". I picked out a navy blue button up blouse with some white capris and navy blue toms. I was pretty satisfyed with my apperance so I walked on over to the kitchen. I love having my own apartment. I don't have to share the bathroom with my brothers or hear my mom nagging about how to clean my cleets for soccer or my dad yelling at me to hurry up because we had to go to my game. I opened the fridge and took out some eggs and butter. I went over to the pantry and took out some bread. I cooked some scrambled eggs and made some toast. As I was eating I texted Adrianna and Bryan that I was ready whenever they were. They quickly responded with a simple "k." I  would say I'm a fan of One Direction. I like their songs and their voices. Adrianna is a fan but not like one of those crazy fans that are like "Omg Omfg I love you! Marry me!" She's more like " Nice song. Cool music." stuff like that. I am the same I don't like fan girling or stuff like that. I think it's stupid and pathetic how girls freak out about five guys that don't know them. I heard a knock at my apartment door. I opened to see Adrianna and Bryan at the door. They have been together ever since we were 18. Which was I think uhm... three years ago. Damn I'm getting old. I got my phone and my keys and closed the door behind me. "You ready to meet One Direction." Adrianna asked as Bryan rolled his eyes. He isn't the "boyband" type of guy. "I guess" I replied. Bryan laughed. "What are you laughing at?" I playfully punched his arm. "Your probably screaming in the inside!" He laughed. Adrianna and I playfully punched his arm at the same time. " You know we don't do that fan girl crap babe!" Adrianna scolded him. "We are hard core soccer girls who like a boyband! That's it bro!" I laughed. We walked over to Bryan's used Mustang. I sat in the back. The ride to the venue where we were going to meet them was short. We got out of the car and walked into the building. We had to get asked a few questions by security and they had to make sure we weren't armed with weapons or anything dangerous. A buff man led us into a hallway that had a few doors. He slowly opened one of the doors. I was looking at the ground until I heard a "Hello!" I looked up and saw Five cute british/irish guys look at the three of us. I smiled.


Hey guys it's Lexi!! Hope you guys liked the first chapter!

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