Stephanies Story

Stephanie thinks shes an ordinary girl in a ordinary world. But not everything is as it seems... (I'm open to opinions on this story, good or bad :) )


2. Quinn

As the bus stops, the clouds open up and start pouring, like it is trying to say that my day would turn out even worse than it already has. I pack my things up, zip up my bag and head down the stairs to what seems a normal day in reality. Merde - my new French word- its pissing it down harder... Guess I'll have to run into school? Getting ready to jump off the bus and leg it inside, something catches my eye.


A drenched pale boy: bright violet eyes, dark brown wet gorgeous hair and a clingy shirt where you can see his six pack that any guy would be proud of. It was Quinn. My crush that I've had for, well since I can remember, the guy everyone wants, who is the best looking lad in the school and every girls dream… I stare at him -as every girl does- not letting my eyes drift from his stunning posture. He catches me ‘glancing’ at him and gives me a smile that makes me weak at the knees... "He smiled at me" I gasp under my breath, dazed by his white teeth and perfect facial structure... ‘Shit, smile back! Don't gorm out, don't gorm out!’ But it was too late, he had already gone through the front doors of school. Well done Steph, well done. The hottest guy in school smiles at you, and you gorm out!


I glance down at my watch, and see its 8:20. Plenty of time to get changed and meet up with everyone before tutor. I put my bag on my bag, making sure its secure so nothing falls out or gets wet. Then I dash as fast as I can to the front doors of school, as soon as I’m inside, I head to my locker. Drenched from head to foot.

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