Stephanies Story

Stephanie thinks shes an ordinary girl in a ordinary world. But not everything is as it seems... (I'm open to opinions on this story, good or bad :) )


3. Mr Oblivious

Wandering to my locker, I feel the stares at me. The whispers surrounding me. "Oh look at her, she's drenched and isn't wearing uniform!"
"She thinks she badass just coz she isn't wearing full uniform!"
"Only that fitty can pull that off..." For god’s sake, why do people have to judge me! C’mon haven’t they noticed it’s pouring it down with rain outside!!


I open my locker to see: my white clean shirt, a new under top and my house coloured tie, red and black. I take my stuff out my locker and start heading towards the girls changing rooms at the other end of the school, so I can get changed out of my white and nearly see through top. As I arrive just outside of the girls changing room, a deep friendly voice cooed behind my right ear, "You're a bit wet aren’t you?" I turn around to see a guy, short flat dark brown hair with a bit of a flick fringe and quite a bit of gel, eyes which remind me of autumn that I have to slightly look up to, and a big massive grin that could make anyone smile. "Well, it is kind of raining outside Daniel, Mr obvious or should I say oblivious!" I turn to walk into the changing rooms, rolling my eyes to the back of my head. All I managed to hear was "I'll be waiting for you..." I guess he means while I get changed? Boys.


Quickly I slip my wet under top off and replace it with a new dry one, also I fasten up my shirt as swiftly as possible; leaving the top button undone. I put my under top and chucked my wet top over the nearest radiator. ‘I'll pick that up at the end of the day.’


As I open the door, I feel everyone's stares on me once again and as always, I ignore them. Continuing putting my tie on, I make sure its the right length -4 diagonal lines of blood red showing- Now people will think I'm either "badass" or "sexy" or maybe even both. Bluh. I have a glance round, to see if there are any friendly faces. Out the corner of my eye I see the leaning figure on the wall. "You actually waited for me this time?" I say with a big smile showing my teeth.
"Well yeah! Who else is going to wait for your sorry ass? Or should I rephrase that so you understand..." I give him the evil stare, stolen off one of my best friends Roxanne, or Roxy for short.
"Oh wow, you actually used 2 big words today Daniel! Well done! Your vocabulary is getting better every single day!" He knows he shouldn't pick a fight with me but he still does...
"C’mon we better get moving to our common room, or everyone will say and I quote `Ooo what have you two been doing...'" they practically do that everyday anyway. It's OUR friends, they have to tease us about

something, plus they knew I fancied Daniel for 2 years but as he’s oblivious, he couldn’t see I was flirting with him for the most of it, or that’s what he lets on. But I had to moved on, I waited for months, years. You can only wait so long before you go into a melt down… I had to move on. To Quinn.


"Yeah... We should probably get moving... Is it me or is it really cold?" Realisation kicks in, I’m not wearing my blazer ’coz I forgot it at home. Stupid brother for waking me up late. "Here" he passes me his red jacket, that complements his autumn like eyes. "You don't hav-" then he gives me his `I’m not wearing it, your friggin’ cold!' look, the look of pure sympathy that I get everyday. His jacket smells like him, slight scent of lynx and sweetness. We walk to the common room, talking about how my morning had been. I started talking about when I saw Quinn, he zoned out straight away. Odd. So to put us both at ease, I switched it up asking how his day has been so far. Then we came to our common room, as quiet as can be.

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