The Girl With A Synthetic Halo

Katharine was born in 1898 in the late Victorian era. She was literally dropped off at the doorstop of an orphanage. She doesn't know her birthday, she doesn't know her parents, and she doesn't know her last name. She doesn't even know her ethnicity. All she knows is that she stopped aging sometime in the 1920's. The mafia attempted to murder her and her love, but they only succeeded in taking her love, not her life. Almost a century later, Niall falls into her life. A descendant of her true love, and his spitting image, and after she finds out what she is, he becomes some one she needs to protect with her life.

A/N: So my first story on here, and I don't really know where I'm going with it. But Give me opinions, and I don't think that 'The Girl With A Synthetic Halo' is accurate, because her halo is real. So ideas??(:


6. First Date.

Katharine's P.O.V:

The sunshine had all ready started to fade and it became overcast in no time, but I don't mind. I kind of like the rainy weather, it's comforting to me. We walk out of the apartment complex and its silent on the way to his car. But I wouldn't say that it's an uncomfortable silence, just quiet. He gets a smile on his face and opens the door to his.... Holy shit. It's a Porsche. A sleek black Porsche. Am I dreaming? I can feel his eyes on my as I slide into the glossy black sports car.

"You like?" He asks with a wink, and I just nod, still entirely awestruck.

"So where are we going?"

"To the Lan Su Chinese Garden, have you ever been?"

"No, I haven't ever even heard of it."

"And you've been in Portland you're whole life?"

"Most of it...."

"Well, I heard this place is really nice."

"Well, it sounds good to me. So where did you get the car?"

"My parents are.... Well off, I suppose you could say."

"That makes sense." I manage to get out, and the car gets silent again.

We arrive at the Chinese Garden in no time and I'm instantly amazed. We pass under the stone gateway and I trail my fingers along it. We stop in the Hall of Brocade Clouds to meet our host, and before I know it we're on our way. Exotic smells and sculptures. I never thought I'd make so much of a connection to another culture. But I've got to say, our host was the icing on the top. A short little Asian man with a toupee that was struggling very hard to keep his fake hair on and to talk to us and explain everything. I bite my lip to try and contain my laughter, and I can hear Niall quietly snickering behind me. I turn around and put my finger to my lip, as in 'shush'. He just snickers more and I start to giggle. Our host whips his head around, nearly losing the toupee, and glares.

"What so funny?!" He exclaims, clearly aggravated.

I glare at Niall for getting us in trouble and quickly make an excuse "Niall just.... almost tripped into the Koi fish pond, that's all"

"Your man stupid." He says bluntly

In response I giggle and say "Yeah, I know." I wink at Niall and he just sticks his tongue out. By 4:00 we are ready to leave, so we hop in the car.It's silent once again and I hear a deep gurgling sound. I glance over at Niall, and he has his hand on his stomach.

"So, um, you wanna get some food? We can stop through Mcdonald's." He says with a half smile, and I just fall a little bit harder. We go to and get our food, and practically inhales it. Then we go to my apartment and right at my door, he says my name, and right as I turn he crashes his lips on mine. Gentle but passionate, and the most perfect thing I think I've ever experienced. And when he leaves, it's gone. I walk into my flat breathless and kick off my shoes. I look at my reflection, and I can see the huge smile pasted across my face, and my eyes, the twinkles, are definitely back. I collapse onto my bed and sleep.






I wake up and my throat is raw, and I'm incredibly thirsty and restless. It's 11:00 at night, but I decide to go get something to drink at a near by gas station. And like always, I walked. The street lights illuminated the spots in front of the alley ways, making them look even more eery. I shiver as the November wind creeps down my spine. There is a bundled up man leaning against the wall, and all of a sudden there is one behind me too. The one against the wall drops the remnants of his cigarette on to the ground and stomps it out with his boot. He slowly makes his way up to me and before I know it, I'm being herded into a deserted alley way. Well fuck. Where's my 9 mm when I need it?! Well it's not like they can kill me.....

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