The Girl With A Synthetic Halo

Katharine was born in 1898 in the late Victorian era. She was literally dropped off at the doorstop of an orphanage. She doesn't know her birthday, she doesn't know her parents, and she doesn't know her last name. She doesn't even know her ethnicity. All she knows is that she stopped aging sometime in the 1920's. The mafia attempted to murder her and her love, but they only succeeded in taking her love, not her life. Almost a century later, Niall falls into her life. A descendant of her true love, and his spitting image, and after she finds out what she is, he becomes some one she needs to protect with her life.

A/N: So my first story on here, and I don't really know where I'm going with it. But Give me opinions, and I don't think that 'The Girl With A Synthetic Halo' is accurate, because her halo is real. So ideas??(:


5. Decisions, Decisions.

Katharine's P.O.V:

I pace back and forth in my apartment blasting 'Slept So Long' by Korn. Don't ask, it helps me concentrate. And currently, I am concentrating on Niall... Should I call him? It's only been a day. Should I do that 3 day thing? Oh my lord. I sound like a 13 year old girl stressing about her first crush. How old am I? Well I should be 90-something, so I'm obviously no longer a child. I shouldn't be acting like one, and that's for sure. I'll just act like an adult and call him. I pick up my shiny Blackberry Curve, go to my 'Contacts' and click his name. I hold my breath as it rings. 1 ring, 2 ring, 3 ring...

"Hullo?" The some what familiar Irish accent asks.

"Hey, Niall?" I ask, slightly unsure.

"Hey! Is this Katharine?"

"Yeah." I say with a breath.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime"

"I'd love to! What did you have in mind?" I manage to get out as my pulse quickens noticeably.

"Um, it's a surprise." He says lightly.

"Okay, when did you have it in mind?"

"Would today work?" He asks shyly, and I glance at the clock. It's only 10 a.m, a sunny day, not a cloud in sight.

"It'd be perfect," I say after slight hesitation. "What time?"

"Would 2:00 work?"

"Yes, it would" I say with a small schoolgirl giggle. Wait, a schoolgirl giggle? Was I even capable of that?

"I'll see you then?" He asks, and I can practically hear the smile in his voice.

"I'll text you my address." I say and hang up. Then, I collapse onto the couch in a fit of giggles, butterflies rushing up my chest. Then I remember: He will age. I will not. This can only last so long. But I am going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts. I think with a firm tone in my own head. Then I think: What if I could figure out what I am? I slip on some Converse and walk out the door to the library. It's time for some answers.






After two hours in the paranormal section and no luck, I'm ready to leave. So while walking through the aisles to leave a book quite literally falls at my feet. I skim the cover, it has something to do with religion. I open it to a random chapter, and it lands on angels. Mal'akh, or Angels. Guardians or Messengers for god. Depicted with white wings, and a golden halo. Well, I don't have either. With an unsettled feeling in my stomach, I walk back to my flat to get ready for my date.

I dig through my closet: What in the hell should I wear?! Formal or casual? Awh man.. I am clueless. I think to myself. So I just stick with the same theme as when we met. I put on neutral blue colored skinnies with a wing design and a white lace tee-shirt with a baby blue camisole. White feather earrings and black Ugg boots complete the look. My brown hair is in spiral curls down my back, and I put a little white sparkly eyeshadow on with a little mascara, and I'm good to go. I look at my phone: 1:30. Great, I have 30 minutes to worry about what could go wrong. So I sit on the couch and drift to sleep. I'm woken up abruptly by a gently knock on the door. I try and blink the sleep out of my eyes so as not to ruin my make up. I open the door to anxious blue-green orbs staring at me. The heat rises to my cheeks before I can even attempt to stop it.

"Ready for our date?" He asks, holding out his hand. And after a millisecond's hesitation, I grab his hand and head into the unknown.


(A/N: What happened to input? I want constructive criticism and ideas pweeeetttttyy pwease :33 Haha, seriously loves, I would love some comments. And I think I'd have a stroke of happiness if I got a like :DD Just a suggestion. (: So I pretty much know where I'm going with it, I just a want a wee bit of ideas (:

Much love,

alyisforeveryoung xxx)

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