The Girl With A Synthetic Halo

Katharine was born in 1898 in the late Victorian era. She was literally dropped off at the doorstop of an orphanage. She doesn't know her birthday, she doesn't know her parents, and she doesn't know her last name. She doesn't even know her ethnicity. All she knows is that she stopped aging sometime in the 1920's. The mafia attempted to murder her and her love, but they only succeeded in taking her love, not her life. Almost a century later, Niall falls into her life. A descendant of her true love, and his spitting image, and after she finds out what she is, he becomes some one she needs to protect with her life.

A/N: So my first story on here, and I don't really know where I'm going with it. But Give me opinions, and I don't think that 'The Girl With A Synthetic Halo' is accurate, because her halo is real. So ideas??(:


1. Memories.

         My name is Katharine. Just Katharine. No middle name, no last name, like most are born with. I picked out my last name, Jones. I suppose I could be happy and bubbly. I could be what ever I want to be. Charming, cunning, preppy. I've always been good at putting on a show. I've always been good at getting what I want. The first time that some one didn't give me what I wanted, I got it on my own.

         The year was 1905, and I was about six years old. This girl, Mary, I think her name was, took the only possession I've ever had and have ever kept. A small brown bear. He's never had a name, but he was mine. He kept me safe from the nightmares that taunted me every night. So, I took him back. My way. Let's just say, I'm a better thief than Mary was.

     When I was fourteen, I ran away from the orphanage. I was young and I had hope. Hope for a better life, hope for a family. I lived on the streets for a very long time, stealing wallets to buy food. They didn't have credit cards back then, but I'm sure I would have had a hell of a good time with one. In 1920 I was 21, and I was a flapper dancer for gangsters in the classical clubs. Not like, thug bloods-and-crip gangster, but classy make-you-pull-out-your-own-nails gangster. The head of the Italian Mafia was madly in love with me, and at the time, I needed the money, so I agreed. And then I fell in love with the bartender. And the gangster took my true love and I into the middle of the Las Vegas desert, and made us dig our own graves in the scorching heat and at sundown, they took their shiny guns and shot us. I was hit with 116 rounds. My love was hit 5, and then they buried him alive. They buried me alive too, but at the time, they didn't realize it. I thought I was dead. I was in there for 3 days, with out food or water, and I realized the impossible had happened. 116 shots to the chest and I survived. Buried alive for 72 hours in sand, and I was alive. I dug my way up took a breath of heated air. Then I slowly and excruciatingly pulled out every single bullet. Then I dug up my love and gave him one last kiss. Then I walked for what seemed like forever, and ended up back in Las Vegas. Home sweet home. I realized I couldn't stay in the city of my nightmares, so I stole enough money for a one way ticket to Portland. And now, more than 80 years later, I haven't aged a day. And I have but one question: What am I?


(A/N): Once again, no clue where I'm going with this, so I'm kinda bullshitting it. If anyone reads this; comment ideas on what she is? Where this is going? A love story or a revenge story? Should I be cliche and randomly pull One Direction in here? Or maybe just base a character off one of them? If so, what one? Just brain storming.....

Much Love,

alyisforeveryoung xxx


PS: I realize this is prolly extremely short. So gimme some ideas and they'll get longer. Cross my heart. <3


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