Murder at midnight

This is for the 'what's hidden on your street' competition. I hope you like!

Hannah Darwin's body was found at 7:30 A.M. On Monday, April 15, 2013. The corpse was found, drained of blood, by a small child walking to the bus stop.


1. Intro

*12:00 A.M.*

The sky was filled with stars, the moonlight was shining on the 6 teenagers that were anything but ordinary. The group of figures in black, were surrounding a helpless woman, sneering at her weak attempts to save herself. She screamed and cried out, but on the inside she knew there was no escape. She was going to die, she knew it. She had tried shoving, punching, anything she could to save herself and get to her kids. Nothing had worked.
The head of the gang of teens pushed her into a corner and laughed menacingly, showing the pearly white teeth beneath the hood that covered his deadly face. They had her cornered. There was nothing she could do. She tried one last helpless attempt of getting free, before four hands seized her arms and held her in place. She desperately tried yanking her arms free, accomplishing nothing.
"Face it, your dead," she whispered to herself, making the murderers laugh even harder. A cold wind struck her, making her shiver. Then the head of the group smiled, the last thing Hannah saw in her short life.
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