Murder at midnight

This is for the 'what's hidden on your street' competition. I hope you like!

Hannah Darwin's body was found at 7:30 A.M. On Monday, April 15, 2013. The corpse was found, drained of blood, by a small child walking to the bus stop.


2. Finding the body in Imperial Woods

*Two days later, 7:25 A.M.*
"Bye mom!" Ana, an innocent fourth grader, said, kissing her mom goodbye.
"Bye sweetheart! Have a good day at school!" Her mom called after her daughter. Ana shut the front door behind her and started walking up the long hill she walked everyday, to get to the bus stop.
She looked around at the houses that watched over her as she walked. Ana saw something in a corner, covered with a black tarp. It was strange to her, she knew her neighborhood so well, yet she had never seen anything like this. Being the curious child she was, she forgot all about the yellow vehicle that took her to school, and focused on the pasty white object under the tarp. As she neared the mysterious thing, she could make out a foot sticking out. She gasped and rubbed her eyes, hoping she could make it go away. When she stopped rubbing, she gazed at in shock and started to turn away, but curiosity got the best of her and she peeled the tarp off of the object. It was a human body.
She screamed and raced up the hill, the image etched into her mind. She made it up to the top before the bus left, she stepped on and sat next to Peyton, her friend. Ana stared into space, thinking about what she had seen. The face looked familiar, but she couldn't tell who it was.
"What's wrong?" Peyton asked.
"Umm, nothing."
"Oh, come on, I know you better than that! Tell me!"
"Nothing, what's wrong with you?"
"Um, my mom never came back last night." That's who it was! It was Peyton's mom! Oh no, Ana thought.
"I'm sure she will be fine," Ana lied.
"What if she doesn't come back?"
"She will," she lied again. She hated that she had to lie to her friend, "Oh, look, we're here!" She changed the subject, stood up, and bolted from the bus and into her classroom.
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