Leo's House

If I wasnt here today, you'd be grateful. Girls and boys would stop having night terrors, and could sleep peacefully. You would stop getting nervous when you passed by a dark ally. You would run around at night time like you would in the day. And most of all, you would be alive.


1. Growing Up

The Year 1993.

 "Listen, Leo. Me and your dad will be gone this weekend. Here's $20, food in the fridge. We'll be back Monday morning." She said. Sounds like the simplest way to leave your 13 year old son, right?

 Its not when that is the only thing your mom says to you. Every sing weekend.

 "Bye kiddo!" Me dad pats me on the head with a tip of his base-ball cap and then, like lightning, both are out the door. Weekends alone are simple, I eat, watch TV, sleep, eat, watch TV, sleep...Its an endless cycle. Maybe thats why the other kids avoid me- Because they are jealous of my freedom.

 Now you might feel pity on me, the boy with no friends and parents that dont remember his name (never the less my birthday.) But you shouldnt, I have parents at least, ones that remember to say goodbye before they leave me.

 I look out the window as their car slowly starts and speeds off. I follow me routine, eat, sleep, TV, sleep...And eventually I make it through my lonely weekend and Monday morning rolls around;

 I wouldnt be surprised if my parents came late, one time they didnt return till Tuesday evening. I know their excuse, too. Deny everything.

 Although this morning feels different. It starts off similar , I wake up, eat, take a shower, and then wait for them...


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