Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


25. You're joking! Right?

  I sat in the clinic waiting for the nurse to come back with my results. "Catherine sweetie i have you results."

  My hands shook as she spoke. "Now im afraid honey you had a miscarriage. You can try again in couple of months and see what happeneds. I'm very sorry babe."

  Tears streamed down my cheek as i walked out to my car. I sat down and calmed down. It took me five minutes to stop crying. I turned the key and drove home. I got out of that car and ran inside. I got my phone out of my bag and dialed Liams number. After one ring he answered."Hello mommy!" He said.

 "Liam im not a mommy." I said crying.

  "What.. what do you mean."

  "It-  it was a miscarriage. Liam." I said shakily.

  "Hey.. Dont be upset. This stuff happens. We can always try again. Just dont be upset i hate seeing you and hearing you like this."

  "You always know what to say. Dont you?" I asked giggling

  "I love you."

  "I love you more."

  "NUH-UH!" He yelled into the phone.

  "Fine then i love you."

  "I love you more." He said and hung up

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