Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


20. You got something to say?

 Niall didn't live that far away so i walked to his flat. I started shaking as I walked up to his door. Before I knocked the door flung open. "What?  Can i help you with something?"

 "No i figured you had something you wanted to say to me you fucking prick!"

 "What? You think i actually feel bad for what I did. Catherine. Im a determined man. I always chase after what I want and I want you. Im not gonna stop. So even if it-"

 I started crying and he became silent. I could feel the anger rising up inside of me. i tried staying as calm as possible. "Niall that was almost rape! I figured you of all people would never do that to me. I though we were like brother and sister. Are you trying to make me hate you? If you are you're doing a very good job at it."

 "No! I'm so sorry. I would never want my sister to hate me!"

 "Good. now ive gotta go see you around."

 I walked back home to help Liam pack

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