Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


1. When we met

 It was the night before the one direction concert. A gorgeous summer night. My two best friends Emily and Katie were staying in the Marriott hotel. I went down to the lobby to grab two extra room keys. I hopped on the elevator and got on my floor in no time. I stepped on the carpet and heard loud screaming coming from my hotel room. I started running and opened the door. I saw Emily and Katie jumping on the bed and screaming "ONE DIRECTION IS STAYING IN OUR HOTEL!!!!!"

 I tried to hide my excitement. I grabbed a few dollars and started walking to the store down the street. Suddenly, a huge pain came in my nose and i was on the ground. I felt somebody touch my face and whisper "What have i done?!" I opened my eyes and saw Liam Payne above me.

 I sat up and said weakly "It's not your fault i wasn't looking."

 He helped me to my feet and said sorry about twenty times. I started walking and he followed me down the hall. I look over and said "Wanna come to the store with me?"

 He nodded and took my hand. I felt a jolt go through me. I started to blush. Something was just right. He opened the lobby door and it was so loud. Hundreds of girls were screaming some were even screaming at me. Stuff that wasn't cool or nice. They were calling me ugly, slut and a gold digger. I tilted my head down trying to fight back the tears. I thought about leaving then the tears started to come. I walked down the street as the girls laughed. I heard somebody running behind me, then i stopped. I turned around and Liam was standing there worried. This made me cry harder. He pulled me in for a hug "please never let me go." I whispered.

 I figured he heard me because he squeezed me tighter. He looked at me and said "Love, i dont think i ever asked for your name."

 "It's catherine." I blushed.

 "Beautiful name for the most beautiful girl in the world!!"

 I blushed even harder. he kissed me on the forehead. Before i knew it he ran into the store and bought the food for Emily and Katie.

 He walked me back to my hotel room door. He kissed me on the cheek and handed me his number. "Can't wait to see you again love!" he yelled.

 I opened the door to find Emily and Katie gone. I rolled my eyes and saw a note on the table "left for dinner and karaoke. -Love or hate Em and Kate <3" "great just great" i thought. I had no food but chips and I was starving.

 I heard a knock on the door. I walked over and looked through the peephole. I saw Liam and I opened the door . He asked me if i had lost my bracelet and shook my head no. "oh i know i just needed an excuse to see you again."

 I laughed and let him. He looked into my eyes and asked me " I know we just met but will you be mine? I feel like I have know you my whole life. But will you please please please be mine?"

 I gave him a big kiss. "Before you ask its a yes." 

 He put his arm around me and said "Do you just wanna stay with me tonight?"

 I gave him a nod, as i started writing a note for Emily and Katie saying ill see you tomorrow. Liam grabbed my bags and took them to his room.

 I went into the hallway and Liam  picked me up over his shoulder and carried me to his room. He laid me down on the bed. There was pizza, chocolate, and soda on the counter. He grabbed me a slice and stared when i took a bite. I put it up to his mouth and he took a huge bite then kissed me. I giggled and wiped his mouth for him.

 I giggled and took the plate into the kitchen. I washed the plate and felt Liams arms wrap around my waist. He kissed my cheek and started blush.

 I went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I realized I forgot my pajamas. I yelled "Ugh!!" I put on my hotel robe and walked out into the bedroom. I asked Liam " Can I borrow a t-shirt?" I forgot my pjs."

 He handed me a red t-shirt and kissed me on the forehead. "You smell good!"

 I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I went back into the bathroom and put his t-shirt  I tied my hair up into a messy bun and went back into the bedroom. Liam was laying in bed. I went over and checked my phone there still was nothing from Emily or Katie. I got into bed and Liam pulled me into his bare chest. He started playing with my hair and took it out of the messy bun. He squeezed me tight and kissed my forehead. After that we both fell asleep.

 I was dreaming. Actually no i was having a nightmare. "You're such a cow, ugly gold digger!" a fan screamed while pulling my hair.

  I was sweating and i started crying. Liam was awake and concerned. He pushed the hair off my face "tell me what happend."

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