Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


11. The first day in London

 I woke up to the smell of something burning. I got out of bed and stumbled down the steps. I found Liam cooking in the kitchen."Good morning."

 "Hey love, I tried making you breakfast but i kinda sort of burnt it." Liam said sweetly.

 I went over to the counter and looked at the waffle maker. I told him "Babe, when the green light goes off that means the waffles are done."

 "Oh! Now i get it!"

 I couldnt help but laugh at him. He was just to sweet. He set the burnt waffles on the table and grabbed the whipped cream. He turned around and sprayed me. "Got you!"

 "You better run!"

 Liam sprinted around the kitchen. I jumped over the counter and grabbed him "Ahhh! No!"

 I gave him a hug. "See now ive shared with you!"

 I wiped my finger on his shirt and licked it. "Hmm not bad!"

 He smiled and i left to go take a shower. I started to sing Austin Mahones "Say something"

 I got out and Liam was outside the door. "Okay ive gotta get used to sharing a flat now."

 He smiled and went into the bathroom. I got dressed into purple short shorts and a black holister top with black gladiator sandals.

 I went over to the dresser and pulled out a sparkly black belt and put on eyeliner. I brushed my hair and threw it up in a quick messy bun. There was a knock at the door. I raced down the steps and answered it.

 Standing there was a beautiful girl. She was tall, she had tan skin, dark curly hair like me, and big brown eyes." I'm Danielle. Is Liam around?"

 "Uhm.. yeah but wait. Arent you Danielle Peazer. As like Liams ex.

 "Yeah but ive been thinking and i saw him with this new girl her names like Catherine or whatever. She has the same style as you. But whatever I wanted to work it out with him.

 I welcomed her in and ran to the guest room. I layed on the floor and started to cry. I heard someone comming. I figured it was danielle. I guess my dad was right.

 I crept quietly over the the bedroom. I heard Liam and danielle talking. "im sorry i just dont understand what you see in her."

 "I see everything in her. Shes beautiful, talented, and a bunch of other things, but damn it danielle most importantly shes mine!"

 "But shes stupid though!"

 "You dont even know her!"

 I look in the door and saw danielle kissing Liam.

 I went in the room and grabbed her frizzy ass hair and yanked her to the ground! "Stupid Bitch!"

 She got up and slapped me. I punched her in the nose! "BITCH! I JUST FUCKING SAVED YOU SOME MONEY ON A NOSE JOB!"

 Liam pulled me away and told Danielle to leave. I was irritated. I couldve hit anybody. Liam look at me with a disapointed look. "What! Im sorry okay i shouldnt have hit her. It was wrong. But i dont care. She was trying to take you away from me. I mean come one look at her then look at me i think she wouldve won.

 "Hey! Dont you ever say that! I love you and only you! She means nothing to me! I love you!"

 "No i love you."

 "Fine then i love you more."

 He kissed me "I have to tell you something."

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