Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


9. Sweet and simple

 "Now I need to tell you something." My dad told Liam.

 "Yes sir."

 "I care about Catherine very much. Shes one of my last good things i have. Shes my world. I hate seeing her upset. You understand?"

 Liam nodded.

 "I think im just scared. Shes my little girl. I was just shocked to you there with her because I knew she was leaving. I guess im just worried she wont come back." he  said with tears in his eyes.

 I stood outside the door listening.

 "Ill make sure she comes back. She loves you a lot. She told me when she was little she wanted to marry you." Liam said.

 I smiled. "I'm sorry liam. Also, welcome to the family."

 That sentence made me feel so warm. I ran around trying to calm down. I ended up tripping over my own feet. I laughed so hard everyone started staring at me I politely waved at them.

 Zayn, Emily, Katie, and Harry came in.

 "hey guys! I wasn't just running around."

 "We didnt ask?" Harry said.

 I blushed. I looked at Emily and Zayn they were sitting in the chairs holding hands being all cute. Then i turned and looked at Kaite and Harry they were kissing in a corner.

 "How romantic." I said sarcasticaly.

 I walked back to Liams room. "Hey love!" He said with a smile.

 I smiled back. "Hey!"

 I ran over to his and he pulled me on the bed with him. He put his hands around my waist and pushed the hair off my face. He look me in the eyes and kissed my cheek. I couldnt help but blush. This made him laugh and i laughed with him. I knew I was in love.



 "Can we get out of here?"

 "The doctor said you might have to stay over night."

 "But i dont want to! I wanna go home with you!"

 The doctor came in. "We wont be needing you over night."

 Liam jumped out of bed and picked me up over his shoulder. There was a cab waiting for us. He put me in the cab and told the driver to go to the airport.


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