Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


28. Saving my sanity. Hopefully.

           Louis picked me up and drove to his flat. "I'll be back in an hour."

           I ran around hte flat to make sure El wasnt around. I was there alone. Excellent. I ran downstairs to the kitchen. I quickly grabbed the first sharp thing I saw. Scissors. Perfect.

           I pressed the cold blade to my forearm. The skin broke and it felt so good but once again so wrong. I hid the scissors and sat on the floor. I realized that i was bleeding pretty good and grabbed a roll of papers towels. I ripped off two sheets and pressed it to the cut.

           "Oh my god! Catherine!" Louis Yelled.

           I looked up and he was standing there worried."I'm fine. Dont worry about me. When did you get back?" I said avoiding eye contact.

           "You cut yourself didnt you?"

            I looked back down. I realized i didnt just hurt myself i hurt Louis. "Im sorry Lou! I didnt know what else to do! Im really sorry!"

             "Its okay. Its okay. This isnt a healthy way to handle a situation. You know that."

               I gave him a hug. "Thank you."

               "For what?"


                He gave me a squeeze. "You are so welcome! Now go clean up. i really dont want anyone to see your cuts."

                 I ran upstairs to the bathroom and grabbed a fresh washcloth. I put it on the cut and winced at the pain. I felt a vibration in my pocket and i looked at my phone. I was getting a call from Liam. I hit decline. "He doesnt deserve me. He doesnt love me." I thought. I saw a razor and picked it up.

                 "Dont!" Louis yelled and snatched the razor out of my hand.

                  I started bawling and leaned on his shoulder. "I'm so sorry im putting you through this."

                  He looked into my eyes and whispered. "You're not putting me through anythin. Im always here for you if you need anything. We're best friends. Best friends care about one another."

                  I smiled. "Thank you. Now i think im gonna go get some sleep. Is it fine if i crash in the room next you and Els?

                 "Yes. Goodnight love.

                  I walked into the bedroom and locked the door. Then i realized i had nothing here. I went of to Louis and El's room and grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirts. I went back over and changed. my phone lit up and it said I had a voicemail. I started to shake and my eyes began to water. I picked up the phone and the voice mail was from liam. "Hey. I's me. We need to talk. I have a suprise for you. Please come home.. or at least uhmm tell me where you are. I love you and  miss you."

                  I hung up and threw my phone on the dresser. I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep.

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