Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


23. Postive? Is this right?

  I walked through the front door and ran upstairs to our bedroom. I saw Liams suitcase on the bed and I opened it. I saw that the door was open and i ran over to shut it and lock it.

  I turned around and saw a pregnancy test on the dresser and there was a note on it. "You will thank me later. You're welcome- harry the perv."

  I rolled my eyes and went into the bathroom to take the test. I waited ten minutes and the results came back. I sat there and started at the results. Postive. I was pregnant. I let out at sigh and there was a knock at the door. "Can i come in love?"

  "uhhh.. One second!" I said panicking.

  I put the test in a braclet jewlery box and but it in his suit case with a note that says "I love you daddy <3 -catherine"

   I shut and zipped his bag and opened the door. "I'm leaving. I love you catherine.

  I gave him a kiss and started crying. I hugged him. "Call me when you gey settled. I love you."

 He tried to pull away. "Catherine i have to leave."

 "But.. why?" I said through tears.

  "I have to go work. Ill be back soon.. I promise.."

  "Dont you forget about me."

  "How could i?"

  "I love you liam."

  "I love you more." He pulled away from my hug and gave me a peck. "Goodbye."

  I waved him goodbye.


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