Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


19. Meet the parents

  I called Harry and Zayn "he said he wouldnt let me go untill i kissed him."

  "Okay... Zayn and I will talk to him because that is not okay." harry said.

  I got dressed in high-waisted denim short-shorts with Liams christian t-shirt tucked in and black suspenders. I went into my dresser and pulled out my turtle socks and slipped on my black converse. I went downstairs and saw Liam with his parents drinking tea. "Hi everyone." Liams mom put her tea down and gave me an uncomforting look. I tilted my head down and sat on the couch next to Liam. "Well, my name is Catherine. Im nineteen and I was previously living in the states. My hobbies include singing,reading,writing, acting, and cooking." I said with a fake smile.

 "Are you an only child?" Liams mom asked.

 "No. I'm the youngest of two half siblings."

 "How crazy! Liam is the youngest too! How sweet!" she said sarcasticly with a little eye roll.

 I looked at the floor and tapped my foot, unsure of what to say next. I stood up and walked into the kitchen. I sat on a stool when Liams dad came in. "Hi."

 "Oh. Hi! I didnt mean to be rude if it came across that way. I guess im just a little nervous."

 "it's fine. I think you're an amzing girl already. You're funny, sarcastic, pretty, and charming. I can really tell you love Liam. You'll be good for him. Better then Danielle ever was. I think Karen is just a little scared about him moving on so quickly and him finding another beautiful girl. I mean he did just get out of a bad relationship and you moved in so quickly and now you're all he ever talks about. So welcome to the crazy Payne family."

 "Thanks.. uhm i dont think i caught your name."


 "Well thanks a lot Geoff. Is it fine if I call you that?"

 "Yes! Now come here and give Daddy Payne a hug."

 I laughed and got up to give him a hug. "Glad you two are getting along. I knew you would." Liam said.

 I gave him a smiled and went over to him. "Catherine? Why do you have a black eye?" Geoff asked.

 " Oh uhm. Well i got into a little car accident this morning."

 "Okay glad to hear you're okay. Just remember you're apart of the family now." He looked at Liam and mouthed the words "Good choice." with a thumbs up.

 I smiled and thanked him for coming by.

 Then i left for Nialls house

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