Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


7. Liams talk

 "Now, I think its best for you to just get out of here. I know that one day your just gonna get tired of the same old thing and just break her heart. I was a boy once and thats all you are. A boy. Catherine needs a man" My dad told him.

 "I love her."

 "Im sure you do or at least you think you do so I suggest you just get."

 "You dont know me. You dont know us."

 "I dont wanna know you. So how bout you just call yourself a cab and go back to where you came from.

 "what would you do?"

 " I'd leave."

 "Dad! Hes not going anywhere! I love him and you cant change that. You dont him! You dont even know us!"

 "get back inside you dont need to see this."

 I ran over to Liam and took is hand. "No. I love him."

 My dad shook his head and tried to take me inside.

 "Let her go!"

 My dad went over to Liam and punched him in the face. I was in shock. I ran over and tried to protect Liam. He tried to swing again. I grabbed his hand and pushed his away.

"Mom! HELP!"

 Liam was out cold. I started to cry and whispered sorry so many times. I didnt know what to think or what to do. I pushed his hair back and kissed him then cried into his chest.

 I got up and went to my dad. " Icant believe you! You dont even know him! You think you can just slap him around! Thats not the case! I hate you!" I slapped him across the face.

 My mom stood there in shock. she took my dad inside and tried to calm him down. Next thing i knew he came outside with my bags and passport. "Have fun."

 "Thats it! Thats all you have to say to me! I cant believe you! All i wanted was for you to accept somebody i care about! You cant even do that!!"

 " I dont have time for this"

 "You never have time for me! All you care about in football!"

 I looked over and Liam was waking up. I ran over and stood above him. Thunder cracked and it started to poor down rain. I grabbed liams hands and helped him to his feet. I wrapped my hands around his neck. He smiled and wrapped his hands around my waist. I inched my lips closer to his. As soon as out lips touched more thunder cracked but it didnt matter. My dad just seemed to disapear. When our lips touched the world stopped.

 "I love you." We said at the same time.

 "Come on lets get out of here." Liam said

 I nodded and called a cab. Liam grabbed my bags and put them in the trunk.

 "You sure you wanna do this?" Liam asked.

 "I have never been more sure."

 "We're gonna have a great life together. You know." Liam said while taking my hand and putting it on his heart.

 I rested my head on his shoulder. His free arm went across my shoulder. I felt him kiss my forehead. I grabbed his shirt and he held me tighter. I looked up at him. "Oh my god! Liam. You eye and your nose!"

 I ran my finger across his eye and nose."Liam you're bleeding. I think we should get you to a doctor."

 He started to cough up blood. "Get to the nearest hosptial now! Step on it!"

 "No im fine. Really." Liam said

 "No! I'm sorry about all of this. It's all my fault. This never would've happened. Im such a terrible person!"

 He grabbed my hands "stop! Nothing was you fault! You're not a terrible person. You're the best thing thats ever happened to me! I love you!" he told me.

 "But... I can't look at you and not feel guilty! I'm so tired of hurting people I love. I mean especially you. I care about you a lot!"

 I looked outside we were at the hospital. I paid for the cab and started walking.

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