Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


27. I cheated on you? Thats what you think?

  We got into the mall and immediately went to starbucks. We both got carmel frapicinos. We walked around and people started swarming us. A lot of girls went up to Eleanor and a few guys came up to me. "Catherine! Catherine! Can i get a kiss on the cheek?! PLEASE!"

  "Sure. Why not?"

  I was leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek and he turned his head at the last second kissing me on the lips. "DUDE WHAT THE F-"

  "Come on lets go catherine." Eleanor said dragging me out of the mall. "Hopefully nobody saw that. that would be bad. Really bad."

  "You have no idea." I said.

  She drove me back home and I walked inside. "Babe? I'm back!"

  "You can leave again." Liam said standing infront of me.

  I set down my bags. "Why? did i do something wrong?"


  "What- What are you talking about?"

  "YOU CHEATED ON ME! I SAW THE PICTURE!" He screamed in my face.

  "I cheated on you? Thats what you think?

  "Thats what i know! GET OUT!"

  "Liam i can-"

  "I dont wanna hear it get out!"

  I turned around and slammed the door behind me. I called Louis. "Louis. Liam and I-"\

  "already on my way."

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