Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


2. Hiding the truth

 I told him about my dream "That will never happen you're my baby girl."

 I layed down in his arms and he sang me to sleep. He keeps me safe and that put me to sleep.

 I woke up finding myself alone in the hotel room. "Liam? Liam!" I became worried. I got up and turned on the lights. I checked my phone and i had a text. it was from Liam. "Hey love, I had an early soundcheck. Don't worry i kissed you before i left but you were half asleep haha!"

 I giggle at the text and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I walked out into the bedroom in my underwear, just as Liam walked in. "Well isn't somebody fit!"

 I gave him a playful smack and a kiss. "Bathrooms open. Go take a shower!!" I got dressed into black short shorts and purple flowy top. I went into the bathroom and started curling my hair. After I was done I slipped on my black wedges. My stomach growled. I grabbed an apple from the kitchen and sat on the counter. Liam came out and saw me. He came over and started kissing me. He put his hands on my waist and started tugging and my shirt. He started kissing me more passionately. It pushed my head back and it made me drop my apple. I wrapped hands around his neck and my legs around his waist. He carried me over to the bed and i kicked my shoes off. I stopped kissing him and pulled him on top of me. I went in to kiss him again but he stopped me. "We will finish this later."

 I layed there on the bed thinking about what just happend. I smiled and blushed. Liam came over and put his hand on my thigh "Will you come move to London with me?" he asked.

 I nodded yes and started puting my shoes on. I fixed my hair and make up then left for Emily and Katies room. " Where have you been all night? Do you have a new boyfriend? Is he tall? Is he hefty? Does he like Mike N Ikes? Is he comming back?" Emily asked.

 "Yes i have a new boyfriend but its a suprise."

 " Can't wait to meet him!" Katie said.

 I decided to take them to a restraunt called Panera bread company. It was amazing except they kept bugging me about who my boyfriendwas. I told them to shut up or they wont find out.

 We went to the store and i saw the most amazing thing ever. Three words. Sour. Gummy. Worms. Yum! Katie, Emily and I bought thirty dollars worth of candy. i texted Liam and asked if he could get us backstage. He replied quicker than you could say amazayn. He said "Of course anything for my baby girl<3"

 We started walking back to the hotel. "Hey katie dont be insecure girl own that  ponytail. Work that updo!" We busted out laughing and I saw liam walking. I texted him "Hide!!"

 He disapeared into a bush. I laughed and looked at my phone the clock said it was 6:30!! "Guys uhm i think we need to call a cab because one direction starts in thirty minutes."

 We called a cab and we were at the concert hall in five minutes. We got front row. Apperently, according to Paul it was Liams idea. I didn't say anything i just enjoyed the night singing and dancing along.

 Suddenly, a spotlight was on my. Liam grabbed my hand and pulled me on stage. "This next song is dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend catherine!!"

 The band started playing "Stole My Heart" Liam looked right at me and kissed me at the end of his second solo. He parted his lips from mine and sang "Under the lights tonight I turned around and you stole my heart with just one look when i saw your face i fell in love took a minute girl to steal my heart tonight

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