Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


4. He loves me

  We walked into the restraunt hand in hand and we were led to a private room in the back. Liam scooted my chair out for me. I sat down and smiled at him. "You really went all out for me didnt you?"

  Liam blushed. "Yeah. I wanted to treat you before you went home to pack."

  I smiled. "Liam," I took his hand. " You are a treat, i couldn't have asked for anyone else. You make me feel beautiful and that im the only girl in the world! I'm the luckiest person alive because i have you."

  He came over to me and kissed me. This felt different. Almost like he never wanted to let me go. His lips were so warm and so gentle. It was the best kiss of my life.

 He pulled away and pressed his forehead to mine. " we can get a plate of speghetti and share it. Its a niall sized portion.

 I smiled and nodded yes. The waitress came in with two plates, salad, and two shirley temples.

 "can i have a plate of speghetti with two plates." Liam asked.

  The waitress wrote the order on her notepad and left. We sat there laughing and talking. "I love you." Liam blurted out.

  I sat there in shock. " I love you too!" I could feel myself getting redder by the minute.

  "You look so cute when you blush!" Liam exclaimed.

  The waitress came out twith the speghetti. All i could thinks is " I better eat that before it eats me!"

  Liam looked at me and smiled. We dove into the speghetti and we grabbed the same noodle. Liam ate most of it and at the end off the noodle we kissed. Just like lady and the tramp. I think he wanted to kiss me more than he wanted the pasta.

  We finished the pasta and Liam payed for dinner. He picked me up out of the chair and walked me back to his car.

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