Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


21. He knows but he didnt hear it from me...

 I saw Emily and Katie driving by. I gave them a wave and they pulled over. "Catherine shouldnt you be going to walgreens?" Katie asked. I gave her a confused look. 'We heard you and Liam getting busy!!!"

 I turned bright red and my eyes started watering. "I CANR BELIEVE YOU WOULD THINK IM PREGNANT!" I shouted

 "Sorry but weve gotta go! See ya!"

 I kept walking and I ran into harry. "Hey hickey!"

 "Harry i hate you!"

 "Awe you know you love me who can deny the curls!"

 "Me! I have my own curls! and im dating you're best friend!"

 "They aren't as good as mine!!"

 "Is there something wrong with you? Like are you on some new medication I should know about?"

 "Hate you!"

 "Bye loser!"

 I walked home and saw Liam sitting on the couch crying."Baby... whats wrong?" I asked.

 "Nothing..... I'm fine." He said wiping his eyes.

 I went over and sat down next to him. I gently touched his arm. "Liam.. You know you can tell me anything."

 He grabbed my hand and look in my eyes. "I'm fine.. I'm just thinking."


 "what niall did to you." He muttered under his breath.

 I began to breathe heavily. "How- how did you find out."

 "Harry told me.. i just can't belive he would do that to you. I mean he know you mine but.. Im just confused. Did you do anything with him?"

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