Stole My Heart

Liam and Caties crazy love story <3


12. Confessions and abuse

  My palms started sweating "Yeah you can tell me anything."

  "I.....I...." He stuttered.


 " you so much!" He blurted out.

  I Laughed "Awe I love you!"

  I thought he was hiding something. But i trust him. He would never hide something from me. Right?

  "I've gotta go album work."

  "Okay ill meet you later at Zayns right?"

  He nodded and gave me a kiss goodbye. I called emily and told her i needed a ride. "Be there in like five." She said.

  I sat by the door. I heard a honk and went outside and locked the door behind me. I gave her a hug and we drove to her flat.

  She unlocked the door and Katie was cooking. "Vas happenin'?" Katie shouted from the kitchen.

  "DONT USE MY BOYFRIENDS LINE!" Emily shouted back.

  I laughed and went into the kitchen. Right away I noticed the ring on Katie's finger. "Oh my freaking god. Did curls propose?!"I yelled.

 "No. Just a promise ring."

  "Look at what my boo got me a locket that says Emily and zayn forever and always."

  "How cute babe!" I said.

  The boys entered the front door all loud and excited except for Liam. "Babe whats wrong?" I asked.


  I stood there fighting back the tears. He stomped away.

 "Liam!" I cried.

  I chased him back to Zayn and Emilys room and he slammed the door in my face and i opened. "Liam what is going on?

  "The song i wrote didn't make the album! God!"

  "There will be other songs and other albums babe!"

  "BUT I WANTED IT ON THIS ONE!" He yelled and slapped me across the face.

  I fell to the ground and covered my face "Shit." I whispered. I could feel my face swelling up.

 "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I have no idea what came over me!"

  He helped me to my feet. "It's fine. It was an accident. But i swear to God if you do it again i wont be so forgiving and i WILL kick your ass." I said.

 He threw me on Zayns bed and took my shirt off. Zayn came in "OH HELL NO YOU DO THAT IN YOUR OWN BED!" he yelled.

 "Just wait till we get home" Liam whispered.

  I laughed and put my shirt on. Liam chased me out of Zayns room and picked me up over his shoulder. He carried me to the kitchen and set me in a chair. Harry came over with ice. "Ice your face. You look like I just beat you up." He said.

 "Thanks. Love you too!" I said sarcasticly. He clicked his tounge at me. "EWW GO AWAY YOURE SUCH A PERV!" I yelled while setting the ice on my face.

 He chuckled. "Yeah i know."

  Katie popped up from beind the counter. "Cupcakes are done!" Emily grabbed one for her and Zayn but she licked all the icing off and her and zayns started feeding each other. After each bite they kissed. Awe so cute.

 "Em." Zayn said.

  "mhm." She said

  "Can i say something?"

  "Of course!"

  "Well uhm. I uhh... how do I say this... I love you!" Zayn said nervously.

 I screamed I couldnt believe he just said that. "OH! I love you too!" she squealed and jumped into his arms.

 They were so cute. Liam came over and kissed me on the cheek. "Im so so sorry." He whispered.

 "It's fine I know you would never try to hurt me. You didnt even try to hurt me on purpose." I whispered back




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